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The Ancestral Assistant was released at Ebon Gate 2022 in Evermore Hollow shop Beyond the Graver by GameMasters Marstreforn and Netz. This tool adds a design, changing the article, to unscripted weapons that do not have a long description. When unlocked, the Ancestral Assistant can be used to remove temporary properties from unscripted and non-bound items such as padding or resistance. Each Ancestral Assistant starts with two designs, but an Ebon Gate merchant service can add three more for a total of five. The special auction/raffle tier version will allow for ten designs. Designs can be changed as part of a general alteration service. Gravers work on items composed from metal, and gouges work on items composed from wood.

Tier 0


Welcome to the Ancestral Assistant weapon tool!

This graver is a tool used to add a design to weapons that do not already have too many details.  This will change the article field in the description of such items.

Example:  "a black dagger" can become "a notched black dagger"

This graver is set to work on metal weapons.

The current patterns are:

1. a deeply-etched
2. an engraved

This graver is currently set to "a deeply-etched."

Alteration Guide:
Normal alterations to the tool are fine.  Do not change the NOUN field.  A graver must remain a graver, and a gouge must remain a gouge.  Must appear to be the type of tool they represent in a LOOK/SHOW description.

GAZE {my} graver to view currently selected and available designs.
TURN {my} graver to cycle through available designs.
RUB {my} graver to check for a qualifying weapon in your left hand.
PUSH {my} graver to apply the design if it is a qualifying item.  RUB must be used first.

You get no sense of whether or not the graver may be further lightened.


Verb First Third
GAZE You gaze upon a graver, and visions of weapons being wrought with various designs flash into your mind. You distinctly recall some of them and determine you could use the graver to change the following articles of a weapon:

an etched
an engraved

A whispered voice intones in your mind, "We are ready if you need our services."

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Tier 1

Adds RAISE to allow removal of temporary flares, padding, resistance, and other properties one time a day. FLIP can be used to toggle the PUSH and RAISE functions on or off. When toggled off, it can be worn on the belt.


Verb First Third
RAISE You hold your graver over the greaves. Wisps of ethereal energy spiral out from your graver and encircle the greaves in your other hand. The wisps tether across each other and interconnect to form equidistant geometric patterns over the greaves, then burst in a momentary radiant display with a flick of your wrist!
Roundtime: 20 sec.
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Tier 2

RAISE can now be done five times a day.

Tier 3

RAISE can now be done ten times a day.


This graver is UNLOCKED to Tier 3.

RAISE {my} graver while holding a weapon or armor in your left hand to remove certain temporary abilities. It can be used 10 times every 24 hours. It has been used 1 time in the last 24 hours. 
FLIP {my} graver to toggle the PUSH and RAISE functions ON or OFF. The graver can be worn on your belt when toggled OFF this way.
Ancestral Assistant Information
Type Mechanical
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Graver
Alterable Yes
Customizable Yes
Custom Designs
Original Release Venue Evermore Hollow
Original Release Year 2022
Tiered Yes
Number of Tiers 4
Restrictions Noun must remain the same.
Must appear to be like the tool in LOOK/SHOW description.
Item Verbs