Animate Dead Weaponry

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Animate Dead Weaponry

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You analyze the wrought iron stake and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
--- Animate Dead Weaponry ---
This stake is an item used to create a weapon for use by an animated creature.  It has 3 Tiers of functional improvement, with each higher tier improving the combat effectiveness of the created weapon.  It also allows for unlocking of both new messaging and new mechanical options through certificates.

--- Current Settings ---
Current Tier: 1
Current Enchant: 20
Current Weapon Ability: None
Current Weapon: a scroll-carved finely honed battle-axe
Create Weapon Message Description: reaching into the earth

--- Item Messaging Options ---
reaching into the earth - Unlocked
an animated limb delivery - Locked
summoning a sickly fog - Locked
forming from seeping ichor - Locked
being forged from balefire - Locked

--- Usage Information ---
Wave [at animate] - Wave at an an animated dead to create a weapon within its hands.
Infuse - Change the weapon abilities that will be created.
Gaze - Change the messaging for generating the weapon.

You sense that the stake can be altered, bearing in mind it must remain necromantic in nature.

You get no sense of whether or not the stake may be further lightened.