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The Arena of the Abyss premiered at the Ebon Gate Festival in 2019 when the venue was still at Caligos Isle. At the time, entry to participate was 100 Ebon Gate seashells. With the shift to Evermore Hollow, entry was changed to 10 SimuCoins per run in the form of an enruned stone cube. Cubes can be purchased in increments of 1, 10, 50, 100, and 250 entries.

General Information

The Arena of the Abyss is run by demons, in particular an abyran'ra that can be found at the entrance. To enter, participants need to hold the cube and PAY, which will have them ushered into the arena. Similar to Duskruin Arena, there is an introduction announcement performed, which can be skipped with the use of BEG.

Entries consist of five rounds in which the participant will take on one undead creature at a time, with the third and fifth rounds featuring more difficult creatures. Additionally, the goal is to complete each as quickly as possible, as the longer a participant is in the arena, the higher the chance of lightning strikes.

Should a participant find themselves unable to continue their battles, whether to avoid death or simply because they are rendered unable to fight due to injuries, they can SURRENDER. While they will still be able to get soul shards as a reward, it will be lower than if they had completed all the rounds successfully, and any additional prize is forfeited.



The Arena of the Abyss can be located in the western portion Evermore Hollow's outer circle, through an ebony basalt-framed portal (Map ID: , Lich ID: 28549, Room ID: 8225001).


Lithe dark-skinned abyran'ra

A wreath of thirteen black serpents ring the abyran'ra's head, bestowing a full crown of the twisting vipers as they writhe back and forth in an undulating, hypnotic fashion.  Its pale, lidless eyes are devoid of pupils -- merely rippling with faint hints of color every few moments.  Twin pairs of fangs peek out from beneath its thin lips, and the smoothness of its skin fades away into sleek scales below its abdomen, its lower body tapering into a massive, sinuous tail like that of a snake's.  Its elongated, spindly fingers end in scythe-like black talons, their razored edges gleaming with the faintest light as they weave sinuous patterns in swift, slicing arcs.

Huge incarnadine vathor

The vathor is a towering humanoid monstrosity of muscle, teeth, and fire, its skin dark as dried bloodstains and dotted with stone-like black clusters of razored spikes.  Its long, wolf-like snout is lined with jagged teeth, and heat rises up from its maw in steaming, blurry waves.  Its beastly face is framed by two large horns, each ridged and glistening as if they were carved from dark basalt.  Two massive wings flow out from its back, black and membranous like a bat's, and tipped in black-taloned hooks.

Additional Information


Similar to other pay events with various activities, starting in 2022, stats started being tracked and allow participants to view their individual stats between the various activities with EVENT STATS.

>event stat ebon
              Ebon Gate Data
  Herb Hunt Entries:                 0
  Number of Toadshades Found:        0
  Number of Mandrakes Found:         0

  Trick-or-Treat Entries:            0
  Tricks Found:                      0

  Arena of the Abyss Entries:        0
  Arena of the Abyss Kills:          0
  Arena of the Abyss Wins:           0
  Lightning Strikes:                 0

Historical Information

On Caligos Isle, the arena could be accessed via green portal from the hazy chamber near the fishing area, or by rowing a gondola from the pier in the next room. The rowing was a bit of a puzzle.


The enemies in the Arena are similar to various undead enemies that can be encountered in the game, adjusted to be appropriate to your level or somewhat above it, as with Duskruin. The third and fifth enemies in the Arena are always either ghoul masters or ghoul horrors. Both have very high amounts of health, although they are corporeal, stunnable, and can be killed by fatal criticals.

Approximately 1 in 5 rewards are fusion tokens. Most other rewards are dried-out hearts, which grant various treasure system rewards when destroyed. Items from hearts will be "bloodstained," "gore-caked," or otherwise gruesomely defaced, which will drastically lower their value to NPC merchants.

Each arena completion will add 5 charges to a worn necrotic ring.

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