Avalera (prime)

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Avalera Lesander
Race Human
Culture Trauntor
Class Paladin
Profession Guardian of Dreams
Religion Ronanite
Affiliation(s) Order of the Silver Gryphon, Guardians of Sunfist
Disposition Stoic
Demeanor Reserved
Flaw Lack of trust
Greatest Weakness Insecure
Dislikes Sheruvians
Fears Dying young
Loved One Never been in love

Avalera Lesander is a paladin who currently resides in the city of Wehnimer's Landing.

Personal History

Avalera was born to Haeldan and Leranara Lesander (nee: Nighgard) in the year 5088. As a child, she was often plagued with vivid nightmares. As she grew, she gained some measure of control over these dreams, something unheard of in her family despite the deeply-held belief that there were blessed by Ronan, the Lord of Dreams. At the age of 16, Avalera was sent to live among the clergy of a small order of Ronanites in order to gain better control of the nightmares that still periodically plagued her.

At the age of 20, she officially joined the Order of the Guardians of Night. A year later she was sent by the order to Solhaven in the barony of Vornavis to observe the goings-on at the temple of Ronan there (see: Ride of the Red Dreamer). As she was still only a page at the time, her service there was cut short as tensions mounted, and she was recalled to her home in Trauntor.

In 5113, she returned to the northern regions of the empire, at which time she met, and began an association with, a most unusual Aelotoi by the name of Cruxophim. She requested an assignment to the area, which was granted, and she joined the Landing Defense Irregulars. She remained in Wehnimer's Landing until the death of her father in 5114.

She was in Brantur attending to her mother's needs and living a quiet life within her order when the trial of Lord Redding of the Order of the Night's Blade was brought to Barrett's Gorge in spring of 5116. It was this, along with catching glimpses of old friends along the Demonwall, that compelled her to return to Wehnimer's Landing.

Upon returning to Wehnimer's Landing, old friendships were renewed and new friendships were created. In 5117, she briefly held the role of Spiritual Advisor and envoy to the Order of the Silver Gryphon for Cruxophim during his term as mayor of Wehnimer's Landing.

She has spent the intervening years traveling between Barrett's Gorge and Wehnimer's Landing, having taken a sabbatical from her order. She is currently a member of the Order of the Silver Gryphon and is no longer a member of any specific order of Ronanites.

Family History

Around the year 4851, a young squire traveled with his master to the Demonwall, south of Barrett's Gorge at the command of Emperor Wayrick Anodheles. Over the first year, he fulfilled his duties to his Knight, which frequently included running errands to Barrett's Gorge. While waiting for supplies, he would have occasion to spend time with a girl in the region. As the year progressed, love grew, and duty was forgotten. The young man married the girl, and the couple relocated to Brantur, where he settled down and began work as a blacksmith.

Trust is uncommon in Brantur, and it can often take generations before a family is accepted into the community. Being of a rather militaristic mind, it was particularly difficult for a man who had turned from his responsibilities to his master for the love of a woman. It took nearly 200 years before the Lesander line was considered "official", even after marrying into various long-standing families. Eventually, they did, however, and thus began the Lesander family of the County of Trauntor.

The Lesander men generally continued as blacksmiths or taking on responsibilities as defenders at the Citadel. Their wives and daughters were bright and cheerful but lived a quiet, simple life taking care of their families.

And Haeldan Lesander met Leranara Nighgard.(c: 5079)

The Nighgard's had settled in Barrett's Gorge not long after the city was founded around 4630. Historically, the family had been blessed with the fortune of Ronan, and He often spoke to them in dreams. It was many years, however, before the family truly began to accept their calling.

A small village north of Barrett's Gorge was frequently plagued by a night-hag that resided north in the Narran Valley. The Nighgard family felt that they were sent to this place by the Lord of Dreams to help protect the citizens of this village from the scourge that was the night-hag. And there they stayed.