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Storyline The Dawn of Daukhera
Gender Female
Race Sylvankind
Gender female
Race sylvan
Service(s) GALD
Specialty Ghule items
Ritual Daggers
Venue Wandering
Caligos Isle
Feywrot Mire
Frontier Days

Goblyn was the proprietor of the now-ashes Pie Shop, located in the Small Park in Wehnimer's Landing. She is also a partner in Goblyns and Ghules Enterprises and has run the game GHOUL at numerous Ebon Gate Festivals


You see Goblyn.
She appears to be a Sylvankind.
She is unusually short and twig-like in build.  She appears to be young.  She has large milky white eyes and stark white skin.  She has long, golden hair that sticks out in all directions, lending her the appearance of having recently been struck by lightning.  Her curving, pointed ears and finely formed cheekbones are quintessentially sylvan in nature, but her squat nose and wide mouth render her visage strangely goblin-like.
She has a pair of black-inked fang marks on her neck.
She is holding a glistening black apple in her left hand.
She is wearing a pointed wizard's hat encrusted with shadowy viscous blood, a sanguine and grey rabbit fur scarf accented with a severely twisted rabbit head, a long dark red leather jacket, a rotted blackened heart paired with a fleshy deep scarlet heart, a pure white blouse spattered with gore and fleshy bits, a pair of elbow-length red velvet gloves, a sparkling crystallized black thorn finger-armor, a braided sinew belt with a slim eonake raiding axe hanging from it, a small black bag, a pair of dark red velvet breeches, and a pair of leather boots.



As though she is riffling around in your own personal mental space, you feel the ungentle touch of Goblyn's mind invading yours and brutally shoving your consciousness aside.
Goblyn pushes outward, and your blood surges through your body, healing all of your wounds.  Then you feel, rather than hear, Goblyn demand that your heart begin to beat again -- and it does.  Clearly satisfied, Goblyn places her palm, which is suffused with an inky black liquid, against your neck: the swell of the resultant magic is agonizing!  But when Goblyn impassively hurtles your consciousness away away from her own, severing the link between you, the agony pales in comparison to an unfamiliar, incongruous chill that earnestly soothes while dragging a blanket of terrified panic over you.
As the shroud of inexplicable anxiety darkens and crumbles away, you comprehend that you are alive.


Goblyn fixedly stares at you, and you feel the ungentle touch of her mind sliding into and partially occupying yours.  She appears slightly dizzy as you feel her push outward mentally, and your blood warms and regenerates, surging through you and healing your wounds.  As the last of your injuries fade away, Goblyn withdraws her touch from your mind, then promptly blacks out.


Goblyn's Office

[Between Spaces, Cavern]
Rendered as if viewing it through water, the vague outlines of a surrounding cavern and a flickering arch appear wavering and not quite solid.  Two bookshelves are stuffed with tomes and knickknacks, and a broad tabletop, sans legs yet still clearly serving as a makeshift desk, floats just off of the floor in front of a spread of luminous moss.  On the other side of the tabletop is a blood-filled bathtub backed by a glass aquarium.  Esoteric art hangs throughout the dark chamber, and a collection of art supplies is heaped in a corner near a mushy black cabinet.

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