Billowy cloak of shadows

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A billowy cloak of shadows (also known as the cloak of shadows) was auctioned off at the Ebon Gate 2009 auction.


  • Provides 10 Bonus ranks to Stalking and Hiding
  • Autohides regardless of room restrictions - 1x/day when PULLed
  • Casts 712 1x/day when RUBbed
  • Weighs 1lb
  • Max deepened

Note: As of February 2012 the cloak still had innumerable charges remaining on the stalk/hide bonus, and it has been in use fairly regularly since October 2009.


At first glance, the cloak seems tailored from some strange dark silk. But as the garment darkens and shifts, it becomes clear that the cloak is woven from the shadows themselves. Its folds are dark and thick but have the consistency of air, drifting about like a fog cloud on a murky day. The cloak almost seems alive at times, wavering in tandem with the shadows around it. Black tendrils break free to caress the surrounding gloom, as if yearning to return to the darkness from which the cloak was wrought.


As you open the cloak, the shadows retreat from around you.

As you close the cloak, you are bathed in the gloom of the shadows.

You tap your shadow cloak causing the shadows to ripple and reform around your finger. Pulling your hand away, the shadows withdraw from your finger and meld back into the cloak.

You press your hands into your cloak, causing them to be hidden from view. As you slowly remove your hands, the shadows trail away a small bit before reforming back into your cloak.

You grasp both of your shoulders and pull at your cloak, causing long, tendrils of shadow to weave in front of you before retreating back into your cloak.

You grab the collar-like part of your cloak of shadows and drape it across your face, causing your features to be masked from view for a moment.

You tug at the edge of your cloak and sway the shadowy draping back and forth, causing the ambient light to be absorbed into your garment.

Ambient Scripts

  • Your shadow cloak spreads down to the ground, causing a pool of shadow to gather underneath you.
  • The shadows surrounding you dart out, probing the air around you before melding back in your cloak.
  • Your body relaxes as your thoughts stray from the shadows.
  • The residual strain on your mind of such intense focus on the shadows fades away.
  • Shadows reach around your body, fully encircling you, causing you to see nothing but black for a moment before they retreat once more.
  • Long, shadowy tendrils branch out from your cloak, as if dancing in the air before you.
  • Shadows reach around your body, fully encircling you, causing you to see nothing but black for a moment before they retreat once more.
  • The area around you grows dark causing your vision to flicker to black for a few moments.
  • The shadows around your cloak seem to lick the air, like flames.

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