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Bentock's Adventurer's Rest is located in Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle. Inside are the CHE House lockers. It is on Krodera and Dragonseye, one south of the Swimming Hole, on the east side of town.

[Adventurers' Rest, Foyer] RNUM: 1934
As the heavy doors close behind you, the bustle of the street fades away. Banners from the various Wehnimer's Landing Houses are mixed with other, unfamiliar banners hanging along the walls. You also see a long mistwood bench and the front desk.
Obvious exits: east, west, out


The Adventurer's Rest Deck is a super node, meaning it has enhanced experience absorption past what a normal node would give.

It features a trash barrel, which is a nice option for those not wishing to burn from the lava tube.


The Adventurer's Rest bar stocks new-style alcohol which will impart drunkenness. The bar is tended by Shorga.


Item Cost
a glass of T'Kirem nut liqueur
The creamy liqueur goes down smoothly, carrying with it a hint of berry flavor.
The almond aftertaste complements the fruity cream of this smooth beverage.
a shot of amber Ragnak whiskey
The faintest hint of honey sweetens its deep smoky flavor.
Nutty and smooth, the spirit's fumes caress your eyes and nose like a comforting steam.
a stein of dark Khanshael ale
Dark roasted grains and malts stand out as you savor the drink.
The creamy, full-bodied texture supports a sweet molasses taste.
a jack of golden mead
The strongly spiced mead makes you gasp for breath as it burns its way down your throat.
The heavily spiced mead quenches your thirst and leaves behind a distinct cinnamon aftertaste.
some toasted wasp eggs
The thick, paste-like texture of the wasp eggs clings to the inside of the mouth, imparting a lasting flavor not unlike that of rancid fish oil.
The thin outer skins of the wasp eggs gives way against your tongue, releasing a flood of thick, briny juice.
a stein of amber stout
Your nostrils twitch at the curious sulphur aroma.
Flat and metallic, this stout is overburdened with heavy burnt caramel flavors.
a glass of aged port wine
You detect cocoa in the nose, chocolate-covered cherries in the body, and a long tannin finish.
Anything but shy, the firm acidity is followed by nutmeg, bittersweet chocolate, and coffee.
a mug of dark Araime ale
Powerful enough to sear the tastebuds, but not quite powerful enough to disguise an aftertaste reminiscent of goat breath.
You take a drink from your dark Araime ale. The flavor is roughly as subtle as a mace across the back of the head.


Shorga is the barmaid at the Adventurer's Rest bar.


Shorga appears to be middle aged, with laugh lines around her brown eyes. She wears a simple kirtle beneath her apron, and a scarf pulls back her dark red hair.


>ask shorga about anything
Shorga says, "We got booze! If that be what ye wants, then order it. Otherwise, go drink somewhere else!"

Room Messaging

A beady-eyed dwarven man staggers in. He glances briefly at Shorga, then blushes furiously before running back out. Rolling her eyes, Shorga continues to tidy the area.

Shorga becomes wide-eyed as a sudden fit of hiccups bursts forth from her lips!

Shorga gets a distant look on her face and begins counting on her stubby fingers.

Shorga glances out toward the deck, grunting with amusement at the giggles coming from that direction.

Shorga hums a soft, melancholy tune, her eyes welling with tears. She quickly dabs them away with the corner of her apron.

Shorga looks up with widening eyes and begins waving a towel pell-mell over her head, ducking as a small bird flies in circles near the ceiling.

Shorga picks up a whiskey bottle and rubs at it with the corner of her apron. She glances quickly over her shoulder before sneaking a quick sip from the bottle and replacing it quickly beneath the bar.

Shorga sighs as she examines a stack of glasses. Grabbing a dingy cloth, she begins to clean a dusting of ash off of them, then shakes her head and tucks the cloth into her apron.

Shorga stands up on her toes, reaching to upright a few bottles that toppled over after a recent tremor.

Shorga tucks her small hands into her apron as she peruses the room. With a sudden, "Oooh!" she turns and frantically rummages behind the bar, knocking several mugs over in the process.

Verb interactions

>hug Shorga
Shorga chortles and smacks you with her dish cloth as you lean toward her.

>flirt Shorga
You poor desperate fool.

>kiss Shorga
Now there's a disgusting thought.

>squint Shorga
You squint in Shorga's direction. She ignores you completely.

Adventurer's Rest Map