Borthuum Company Store Clerical Supply

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Borthuum Company Store Clerical Supply is the cleric shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located through the grey archway in the Borthuum Company Store. The Clerical Supply does not take trading skill into account when determining prices.

[Clerical Supply]
The room is surprisingly empty. A marble counter stands near the rear of the shop, leaving little space behind it. A scroll rack lines the back wall while a large hanging sign blocks much of the area from view. You also see the cleric Garntek and a grey archway.


Item Price Information
a small candle votive
a twisted grey candle 3500
a white votive candle 3500
a slender black candle 3500
some red passionflower incense 2500
some pale sandalwood incense 2500
some braided rope sandals 2000 <2 lbs, footworn
an embroidered blue cotton cassock 10000 7 lbs, cloth armor
a gold-trimmed black robe 10000 7 lbs, cloth armor
some invar-buckled leathers 500 16 lbs, double leather
a glaes-hilted ritual dagger 5000 <2 lbs, edged weapon
an invar signet ring 7000 <2 lbs, fingerworn
a gold-inlaid obsidian flask 5000 not wearable
a glaes-inset silver flask 5000 not wearable
a golden anvil talisman neck worn
a white ora raiding-axe handaxe
a white ora ridgemace mace
a white ora warlance lance
a white ora slap-slasher razorpaw
a gnarled wooden crook


Wild-haired and long-bearded, Garntek is a sight to see.  Strands of hair cover his red face.  His white robes are spotless, however.

A fly buzzes around Garntek who quickly swats it away.

A scroll rolls across the counter.

A small breeze blows through the room, stirring small clouds of dust.

Garntek leans against the scroll rack until it begins to tip over.

Garntek looks around the shop for new customers.

Garntek moves around the room dusting things seemingly at random. He becomes agitated when the dust doesn't move to where he wants it to.

Garntek mumbles something about the weather.

Garntek pokes the scroll sack, possible to determine if it is stable.

Garntek pulls a scroll from the scroll rack, looks at it briefly, then puts it back.

Garntek puts some scrolls away in the scroll rack.

Garntek rips a scroll which he quickly throws under the counter.

Garntek says, "I've got the best goods on the isle. Don't accept nuttin less."

Garntek swats at a bug buzzing about him.

Garntek yawns loudly.

Something rustles the scrolls.


>ask Garntek about borthuum
Garntek says, "Wouldn't be here without the Borthuum Clan."

>ask Garntek about Eregrek
Garntek says, "Ahhh, Eregrek keeps us safe and profitable."