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Breakfast Nook is a food shop in Mist Harbor. It is a quaint little restaurant that provides breakfast foods at all hours of the day at Gardenia and Daisy Avenue, in a narrow whitewashed building.

[Breakfast Nook]
Moonlight tings the windows at the front of the shop with a silvery hue, which is quickly eclipsed by the golden glow of candles that cheerily burn in sconces anchored to the whitewashed walls. Several round tables and oak chairs are arranged in social circles throughout the room, while to the back a long counter separates the kitchen from the dining area. A large easel supports a sign that is cut into the shape of a frying pan, its smooth surface scribed with tidy white lettering on black.


Item Description Price
several orange wedges
   The wedges are firm and perfectly ripe, and a flood of sweet and mouth-watering taste comes with every bite.
   A pleasing floral aroma pervades your senses as you nibble the orange-hued flesh.

a hemisphere of sugared grapefruit
   Granules of sugar cane sweeten the tart, pink meat of the grapefruit.
   Deliciously tart, the citric juices explode from the tender pink meat of the grapefruit.

a bowl of cream and berries
   Rich blackberry and raspberry flavors flood across your palate.
   Sweet fragrance precludes an intense mingling of blackberry and raspberry flavors upon your tongue.

a bowl of hearty oatmeal
   Hearty, warm oats mingle with sweet cream in each bite.
   Thick and creamy, the warm oatmeal is flavored with cinnamon and riddled with sweet raisins.

a bowl of maple-sweetened porridge
   No taste messaging at the time of testing.

a trio of venison sausage links
   Tender and delectable, the link is infused with peppercorns, garlic cloves, and rosemary.
   Grease trapped beneath the link's casing explodes with delicious flavor upon your palate and carries with it a bit of the gamey flavoring of venison.

a trio of thin bacon slices
   Crisp and crunchy, the thin slice of bacon holds a slightly smoked taste that is accented by a hint of maple.
   Salty and greasy, the thin slice of bacon has a decided crunch to it that bespeaks its perfect cooking.

a slab of smoked ham
   The salted flesh is tender and chewy, turning to mush in your mouth.
   A rich, smoked flavor permeates the meat, filling your nostrils with the scent of cedar and hickory.

a pair of fried round eggs
   Creamy, thick yoke explodes upon your palate as you bite into the eggs.
   Thin and perfectly fried, the eggs house the lingering taste of the butter that they were cooked in.

some fluffy scrambled eggs
   Light and fluffy, the scrambled eggs are seasoned with salt and pepper.
   The gamey taste of goat milk adds to the unique flavoring of the eggs used in the fluffy, scrambled fare.

a ham and cheese-filled omelette
   Light and fluffy, the omelette is seasoned with salt and peppercorn. Trapped in the center of each bite is a juicy slice of mushroom.
   Wrapped in fluffy eggs, the omelette is infused with the sharp bite of cheddar and the salty treat of smoked ham.

a stack of blueberry pancakes
   Light and fluffy, the moist pancake is infused with warm, ripe blueberries that burst upon your palate in a pleasing fashion.
   Riddled with heavy, blueberry syrup, the moist pancake is sweet and rich. The cake-like batter used in its creation houses a hint of vanilla and brown sugar.

a stack of buttery griddle cakes
   Tiny granules of corn meal add a delicate crunch to the cake, while a thin layer of gooey maple syrup adds a delectable sweetness.
   Thin and light, the griddle cake is laced with the slightly salty taste of the butter it was cooked in.

a hearty buttered biscuit
   It almost melts in your mouth.
   Rich with the flavor of butter, the biscuit is delectably tender.

a pile of seasoned potato cubes
   A hint of bacon flavoring compliments the garlic and salts used in the creation of the fried potato cubes.
   Seasoned with sea salt, paprika, peppercorn, and garlic, the cubes of potato are crispy on the outside and tender within.

a glass of orange juice
   The thick juice is sweet and refreshing.
   Strands of tangy pulp explode with sweet flavor.

a glass of cranberry juice
   Tart and chilled, the juice is a splash of cranberry flavor with only the slightest hint of sweetness.
   Only vaguely touched by sugar, the cranberry juice tastes incredibly fresh and has a slightly bitter aftertaste.

a cup of warm coffee
   The hot milk smooths out all roughness from the coffee.
   The rich, mellow flavors of the coffee blend satisfyingly with the sweet milk

a cup of warm jasmine tea
   Elegant without being overbearing, and accented with the faintest trace of honey.
   Qualities of delicacy and strength combine paradoxically in the flavor of jasmine petals.

a glass of cool white milk
   The milk is cool and sweet on your tongue with just the hint of a sour aftertaste.
   As you drink the cool glass of milk, a sweet taste lingers on your lips and the tip of your tongue.