Bridge Jumping

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Bridge Jumping is a traditional game in the town of River's Rest. While this is just the sort of game that only those as crazy or insane as those who reside in the Rest tend to be, its popularity has waned in recent years as more deadly and violent games such as Dodge the Void and Gem of Fate have gained popularity.

How to Play

As with most games played in River's Rest, the rules are quite simple:

  • Everyone playing gathers on the bridge leading to The Citadel
  • Someone (usually the person who convinced everyone else to play) sets the levers to random numbers
  • That person then turns the wheel twice

If the bridge makes it all the way to the other side, the person who turned the wheel is to be imploded, the levers changed to new numbers, and the wheel turned again.

If everyone falls off (far more likely), the survivors return to bridge and repeat the process until there is only one survivor left or one or fewer of the players can make the climb up the wall. Then pray the winner or someone sane enough to sit out the game (unlikely, there's no such thing as a sane Rester) can fog or gate the losers back to town.

OOC Notes

  • When Bridge Jumping, all players should be made aware that there is the risk of injury and/or death to avoid potential TOS violations.

In modern times, honest empaths and clerics are allowed to heal and raise players, particularly in the case of scheduled events. This allowance was previously banned from abuse, so please apply your best judgement. Playing this game is not an excuse to maim people nor an excuse to heal them as an "incidental" consequence. However, whether you play or do not play deadly games, it is permitted to help people playing scheduled events to the best of your abilities.