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The TownCrier channel called for your favorite buys at this year's Ebon Gate Festival and here's what you submitted! Thank you all for sharing, this was so much fun!

Last Shopping Day is Wednesday, October 31. Shops have historically closed promptly at midnight, eastern. We will accept new nominations for this list of favs up to 6pm, Tuesday, October 30. Use the link in the first line of the chart below to share your finds!

BUYER'S CHOICE We’re featuring your recommendations from the Ebon Gate shops right here for you. You shared your fav purchases at Ebon Gate and here they are, also featured in our regular newsfeed on the TownCrier Channel in GemStoneIV. n/a
BELOVED MINE There are lavish new shackles that are comfy yet confining, pretty yet pragmatic, soft yet strong, and come in three variants lined with silk, velvet, or fur. They make the perfect symbolic, romantic, or just-for-fun gift! Buy all of them! In pairs, even! Look in First Comes Love at Caligos Isle. Lich Room 27497 What's your fav find at the fest? Share it: EGShop:First Comes Love 27497
DRAW IN STYLE The new Fancy Sheaths add a dash of flash, flair, and fun to your adventuring. Leafiara recommends them for "an awesome, low cost way to portray your character's nuances better than ever - even with something as simple as unsheathing your weapon!" Pick your favorite at Firio's Fancy Sheaths in Lich room 27490 EGShop:Firio's Fancy Sheaths 27490
SINGULAR SANDALS Attention, all cobblers: Lady Airisu has released a new hallmark punch! Sources say this might be the sandal-specific one she mentioned in the works six months ago. Buy one now at The Glass Slipper and be ready for merchant week! Lich Room 26510 EGShop:Glass Slipper 26510
DARK CHERRY This is one of many Cobbling dyes that are unique to Ebon Gate. These colors are not available at your local dyer's tent, and not guaranteed to be available at future festivals. Stock up now at The Glass Slipper with your favs or take it to the permifier and be set for life! Lich Room 26510 EGShop:Glass Slipper 26510
MUSIC IN THE AIR What's better than a musical instrument that creates magical floating notes that dance to your tune? They aren't just for bards - though having musical talent helps - and some merchants can even alter the magic notes. Leafiara liked the lyre at Noteworthiness in Lich room 27492, but there's many others! Share your favorite item finds from Ebon Gate: EGShop:Noteworthiness 27492
GNU 4 GNOMES Make sure to visit Imaera's Poem (Lich room 27518) on Caligos Island for every Forest Gnome's cultural needs! Jalodg says, "A forest gnome's prayers have been answered!" There are amazing cloaks and headbands in the shop. EGShop:Imaera's Poem 27518
UAC FTW Nymphadora is a new fan of Gizwizit the Great at the Fantabulous Shop (Lich room 26496): "It is hard to find nice UAC gear. These are scripted, 4x, and blessable with further tiers." Remember to attend any appearance by Gizwizit in time to watch him show off the gear. It's FANTABULOUS! EGShop:Fantabulous 26496
TAKE A STANCE Femereff adds a thumbs up to the dusky leather thigh-sheath at Firio's Fancy Sheaths, lauding the great ways to draw and sheath your weapons. You'll find the shop at Lich room 27490. What little or big awesome thing did you find on Caligos Isle this year? EGShop:Firio's Fancy Sheaths 27490
ENCASED IN ACTION Luxelle reminds us, "Do not miss the amazing open-and-closing cases *under* the rack at Head Above Water," (Lich room 26519). Choose between feathers, branches, kraken tentacles (!), GEARS, or vines. Tell everyone about the neat things you found at Ebon Gate: EGShop:A Head Above Water 26520
SOUL POWER Porom weighs in with a hearty "BUY!" recommendation for the Soul Eater Runestaff (Globus Elanthias) at Once From a Soul (Lich room 26455). He adds, "I really like the flares and actions on this runestaff." EGShop:Once From a Soul 27538
HANDY ILLUSION The icy blue illusion prop gloves at The Protected Coif (Lich room 26603) provide an effect that is unusual and allows you to choose a special customization beyond the usual mundane offerings for your character. Uzblex has just one complaint: it's not possible to have the effect customized. This is one of the few things for sale at Ebon Gate shops where you can buy it in Seashells, Bloodscrip, or in tickets. EGShop:Protected Coif 26604
GEMTACULAR All of the racial styles of head jewelry are for sale at An Evening Affair (lich room 27529) this shop have zesty wear and remove, and can hold a gem. Avawren notes, "Unlike most gem-holding jewelry, they do not shorten the name of the gem, so each is perfect for all those gorgeous EG gemstones!" Match your jewelry to your outfit by simply changing gems. EGShop:An Evening Affair 27529
BE POETIC This year's perfumes at B. Witching (Lich room 26608) are so beautifully written that they should all just summarize as "You smell like poetry." via Avawren. Which item at Ebon Gate Shops do you like best? Share it with us at: EGShop:B. Witching 26608
PERMED Are you tired of your fav lip gloss running out? Do you really want that cool imbue box not to fade away? Find one of the Obelisks at Caligos and get your item permified so that it will never run out! You can make that perfume/cologne last forever, too! One takes seashells; one takes general tickets. Review what it can do and pricing at the wiki: Permifier (Seashells one) 26523
COLLECT THEM ALL For those of us who provide valuable services to the community, the new calling card boxes are great for advertising, from cobbling and painting, to alchemy and more. And it's a great reason to use some of those titles we've earned learning all these skills. Just change your title, make your cards, hand them out, and watch your side business thrive. EGShop:Beck and Call 27500
ON YOUR FEET Forging boots get a thumbs-up for from Starbrite. Just what every forger needs to keep their tootsies safe from flying sparks. For sale at The Broken Forge (Lich room 26433). EGShop:Broken Forge 26436
GEMS IN ONE GRAB You can use the amazing Super Secure Gem Pouch on sale at Faded and Desiccated (Lich room 26470) to store your gems, even when it is closed. Additionally, get it unlocked just the one time, and it will let you gather all the gems on the ground in one command and stash them for you. They can be deepened to hold more. Luxelle says, "This is my best friend when looting!" Purchase price: 50 seashells. EGShop:Faded and Desiccated 26470
BOTTLED UP Mirandabliss loves the gem jars, especially the antiqued black sea glass bottle. She raves, "It is perfect for holding my orb gems!" Get one of them for yourself at Baubles of the Sea (Lich room 26601). 50 and 100 count jars are sold for seashells. EGShop:Baubles of the Sea 26601
FORGED FOR SUCCESS Bjarn reminds every blacksmith, "Don't forget to buy your maul and lance glyphs if you plan on forging mauls or lances in the next year!" You'll find them at the Broken Forge (Lich room 26436). What's your prized shopping find? We'll share it with everyone! Tell us at: EGShop:Broken Forge 26436
GET CONCHED Meureii recommends BUY BUY BUY for the signature souvenir, a small pitch black Caligos conch shell from Deluge Debris (Lich room 26433). Why? Because nostalgia. "I must have one because, in 10 years, I will find it in the bottom of my locker from EG 2018 and start puzzling over it once again! Buy it for the fun. Keep it for the memories." EGShop:Deluge Debris 26434
BEST CUTS *Buyer's Choice* Want to cut your gems, but don't like making them into silly shapes? Leafiara suggests, "Try the hickory box, rainbow glaes canister, silver chest, or bronze cylinder to make them pearlescent, iridescent, translucent, or glistening! This is the joy of lapidary boxes!" On sale for seashells at Carved in Stone (Lich room 26607). EGShop:Carved in Stone 26605
POOF! *Buyer's Choice* At Deluge Debris (Lich room 26434), take a second look at the small shadowy black velvet pouch. These lovely pouches contain ten smoke bombs apiece, letting you slip into invisibility and live the spy life even without knowing a thing about conventional stealth. EGShop:Deluge Debris 26434
SPARKLED TRESSES Rainedrop found some beautiful hair jewels at Wigged Out (Lich room 26418). Oval-cut glinting water sapphires especially caught the eye. She tells us, "They give that snazzy sparkle all ladies want!" EGShop:Wigged Out 26600
BLUE SUEDE SHOES Some of Misun's favs at Ebon Gate were the blue suede footwraps and a tight ball of colbalt blue rawhide at Fantabulous (lich room 26496). She recomends, "There are hifty ways of using them and they're so functional in different terrains. It's like a little present every time you wear them!" Another Buyer's Choice! EGShop:Fantabulous 26496