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The PERM-ifier premiered at Ebon Gate 2016 in the Halfway Midway shop in the form of an enruned shadowglass obelisk. It is an automated machine to make limited use items permanent and only accepts general tickets or Ebon Gate seashells as payment. At Ebon Gate 2017 there were two obelisks, one for each currency; the prices for each were the same.

To use the PERM-ifier, hold an applicable item in your right hand and TOUCH the obelisk. The first touch will tell you the price, the second touch will deduct REDEEMed tickets from your total.

Applicable Items

Item Cost
Bittle's frosting tube 3000
Bubbles 2500
Cobbling dye 2000
Cosmetics 5000
Fletching paint 2000
Gold wind-up key 75000
GoryWeapon vials 5000
Imbue boxes 7500
Lip gloss 5000
Nail lacquer 5000
Perfume 5000
Ritualistic potions 5000
Runestone carvers 7500
Teas/coffees 5000
Creams & Syrups 2500
Tattoo Concealment Cream 5000
Whax doll Wood Key 12500
Whax doll Brass Key 25000
Whax doll Silver Key 50000
Whax doll Gold Key 75000
Wig Powder 5000
Yarn 7500

The PERM-ifier will work on tins and jars of tea and coffee. Tea cases are not currently eligible for permification.

Ebon Gate 2017 Locations

Ebon Gate seashells - Map room 30
[Caligos Isle, Northern Passage] RNUM: 26523
Lying along the edge of the plateau is the spine of some enormous sea creature, its monstrous ribcage resting on the debris-strewn path like an eerie ossified arcade. The bones gleam a ghostly white in the moonlight, a faint echo of the life they once held.
Obvious exits: east, west
Caligos Isle map by Rozy
General tickets - Map room 41
[Caligos Isle, Western Slope] RNUM: 26460
Mostly obscure in the dark, the path solidifes into a hazardous, rocky incline winding its way to higher ground, as opposed to the chaotic mass of scree below. Beneath the starlight, the mica flecks that so pervade the nearby rocks glitter like a reflection of the night sky.
Obvious exits: north, south

Ebon Gate 2016 Location

[Halfway Midway, Lost Baubles] RNUM: 25350
Discarded bottles and lost baubles decorate the tangled bushes that line the edge of the clearing and hold court around their glassy lord. The assortment of trinkets and glass is arrayed around an enruned shadowglass obelisk in an almost reverent display, their smooth or rough edges catching enough of the ambient light to cause it to reflect through the canopy above. Thick clusters of fuzzy green moss occupy most of the ground, though the western edge is decorated with scattered groupings of grass and wheat. You also see a stained black oak sign.
Obvious paths: west