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The TownCrier put the call out for your favorite buys at the 2022 Rumor Woods and here's what you nominated from the Rumor Woods 2022 shop listing for this Shopping Guide.

The Best of Rumor Woods Shopping in 2022

The Unicorn! The unicorn is beautiful, rare, and will rise fresh from the Dreaming Lands of the Lord Ronan every day. Everyone needs this inspiring, faithful, and magnificent companion. RWShop:Grand Stables Map Room 28, Lich 28096 Mount
Bradach's Belt It's the last year for this shop! 250 raikhen for a belt with a couple of verbs including an insouciant pose, and 500 more to bring it up to nearly a dozen verbs is an absolute steal. Obelin added, "They're customizable, they're rad, and they work with your shirt and pants." RWShop:In the Loop Map Room 36, Lich 28022 Bradach's belt
Shank Knives Voltung wrote, "Not only is it incredibly cheap at only 200 raikhen, it can also be used as a skinning knife and brings you a step closer to being a chef in game." Who's barbequeing this weeked? RWShop:Been Shanked Lately? Map Room 60, Lich 31188 Rumor Woods/2022 saved posts#Announcement 18
The Yarn Bowl Cylnthia raved, "This thing... is amazing. It holds your yarn, it can make new yarn (with the proper tier unlocking certificate), and it can also hold a set of needles and a pincushion. The perfect little knitter's companion!" Brand new this year! RWShop:Purls of Wisdom Map Room 60, Lich 31188 Yarn bowl
Ferocious Eyes Mask Introduced last year, these remain one of Obelin's absolute favorite items. Fully unlocked, they offer five customizable eye color AND five eye characteristic slots which can be mixed and matched at-will. Not to mention more than a dozen verbs, one of which can utilize your demeanor, and most of which emphasize your facial features, including your nose! RWShop:Ferocious Eyes Map Room 48, Lich 29721 Ferocious Eyes mask
Advanced Customization Token So many spell customizations! Meril reminded us, "This is also easy to miss because Thurgine Hall was added after the 5117 festival map that everyone uses, so people might not know to where to look for the options. From the entrance courtyard: n, n, ne, nw, go path, go structure, e. [rnum#28154]" Great advice and thank you for the tip! RWShop:What Remains Map Room 3, Lich 27985, go slate tent Summit Academy/spell customization options
Accessories from Vaunt It and Flaunt It Yipsy is enthusiastic about Avaluka's scripted IACL jewelry. When unlocked they can morph to change location and item type! Each "side" of the item has its own zests! Incredibly fluff! RWShop:Vaunt It and Flaunt It Map Room 2, Lich 27981 Rumor Woods/2021 saved posts#Look at Me jewelry
Bugs On Parade Jars and Boards "The insect system is AH-MAY-ZING," Traiva begins. "It's insane how many different types were created, some just for very specific areas (like festival grounds and Wedding Glades). I was really on the fence about this at first, until I saw the possibilities: I can use paper bugs with my papermaker to really spiff up pages, and then unlocking the jar to get crystalline bugs..! Not only can I have a wide array of dragonflies for Traiva's Joolas and other gem-holding items, but I can use the weaving lathe to add to the types of beads I can put in my woven creations. The board is a Must Have for storage. RWShop:Bugs on Parade Map Room 59, Lich 31187 Bugs on Parade
Knitting Needles Cylnthia is a fan of the knitting needles. While they have been available for a long, long time, the recent updates/upgrades to the knitting system, they've gotten so much better. And now, you can purchase your own Variable Knit Needles at Rumor Woods, and start your own clothing creation habit! I, for one, am amazed and excited at all the containers that can be knit! RWShop:Purls of Wisdom Map Room 60, Lich 31188 Knitting needles
Look at Me Jewelry It's customizable in its looks like every item in GS, but you can also show where the piece of jewelry is being worn or how it's placed on that body part. You can also unlock more sides, so one piece can have multiple looks. Kayse likes the options for this flexible jewelry line. RWShop:Vaunt It and Flaunt It Map Room 2, Lich 27981 Rumor Woods/2021 saved posts#Look at Me jewelry
Knitting Bowl It makes yarn! Katara liked these, and continued, "It helps with storage and if you get the awls with it they add zests to some of your knitted items. Wonderful item all around. Also highly recommend getting the variable knitting needles too if you can." RWShop:Purls of Wisdom Map Room 60, Lich 31188 Yarn bowl
Aelotoi Wing Jewels What Aelotian fashionista doesn't want a way to bling out her wings? The zests on OTS charms/ornaments are nice ways to draw attention to one of an Aelotoi's best features, and unlocking them gives just a little more style. From the Aelotian fashonista herself, Traiva added her final recommendation to the wing jewels, "I bought a bunch last year, but of course need some of the new ones offered this year." Of course! RWShop:On the Wing Map Room 46], Lich 29706 Rumor Woods/2021 saved posts#Aelotoi Wing Jewels
Kindred Brooch Voltung offered this high praise, "One of my favorite roleplay items in the game, the Kindred Garb brooch is a fantastic addition to all Giantkin out there. You need to spend extra on the unlock as the best scripts all require the Tier2 version." We agree, it's very cool all unlocked! RWShop:The Tartan Cloth Map Room 2, Lich 27981 Rumor Woods/2020 saved posts#Giantkin Kindred Garb
Stuffed Silver-Scaled Dragon with Curled Talons As one of the few items for sale for silvers only Phaerla reminded us, "You can show your support for TeamDragon with this purchase for only 5000 silvers." P.S. TeamUnicorn has a thing too! RWShop:Fanfare Map Room 37, Lich 28023
BUG JARS!!!! Yipsy saw a lot of potential, "Did you know that Elanthia is CRAWLING with bugs? Over 1000 unique creatures can now be collected and turned into embellishments for paper-making or, even better, gems! Throw a spider in your Joola item! Weave a bracelet of butterflies! A world of possibilities!" RWShop:Bugs on Parade Map Room 59, Lich 31187 Bugs on Parade
Imbued Shroud Imbued Shrouds are a great mixture of fluff and mechanical aspects in one. Get to know the spirit within the shroud as you learn its story, while also taking advantage of the built-in storage and the shriek ability. Plus, this year you can switch the spirit inside the shrouds for only 500 raikhen, with options including the spirits from the previous year. RWShop:The Spirits Within Map Room 45, Lich 29697, go pentagonal structure Imbued Shroud

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