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Here are the TownCrier's Commencement of Coraesine Forest Event headlines for this bank-breaking gathering of the rarest of high-end services from May of 2018.

Be sure to refer to the main Commencement of Coraesine Forest article for the guidelines and more.

Label/Tag Service Summary Link
PERMABLESS 2 Permablessed weapons will be available at 9pm on Friday at CCF. These are always blessed; the blessing never wears off. Not all have holy flares. They can be used by all professions. Note: unlike with sanctified weapons, Consecrate (1604) does not give plasma flares to permablessed weapons, even if wielded by a paladin or cleric.
EMPATH TATTOO 2 Dwarf Healer Tattoos will be up for wins at 9:30pm on Friday at CCF. The grumpy dwarf wandering tattoo stores up to 20 doses of a variety of herbs and uses these herbs to heal the wearer's wounds. See Ardwen's Interview for more about it: or the teaser from the Great Auction of 2016:
MORE FUSION 10 lucky people will win a 1 slot increase on their Fusion gear at 10pm on Friday at CCF. There's a max of 10 fusion slots on gear, for future reference.
ITHZIR ARMOR 10 people will be able to get one upgrade for Ithzir armor to a tree of your choice. The selection will be at 10:30pm on Friday of CCF. No Ithzir armor will be for sale; you will need to already have the script on the armor. (TREE is not a typo, read the wiki.)
SELF KNOWLEDGE 3 people will win a Spell Knowledge Enhancive at CCF on Friday at 11pm: Create an enhancive item (it can't have other enhancives already) with the Spell Knowledge (self knowledge) of your choice. Choose one of three spells: 506, 606, and 1606. Remember to read all the signs!
DE-FUSION 5 De-Fusionings available at 11:30pm Friday night at CCF. It removes the orbs from your fusion gear and makes the enhancive on the item itself. You are removing the fusion script and creating an enhancive item that persists and can still be recharged normally. It makes the item able to receive other scripts and services that would have been mutually exclusive with fusion.
MORE DB 5 spots will be up for grabs for a +5 DB Enchanting on Friday night at midnight at CCF. For existing Defensive Bonus (DB) items only.
GLAM TAT There will be a Tier 2 Glamour Tattoo slot auctioned off at 12:30am on Friday night (Sat wee hours) at CCF. (The auction price is "probably" the total service bill, bring lots of silvers.) You rub it and for a set amount of time it changes all your features into whatever rule-breaking look you want (within good taste). Usually the tattoo itself has no options for you to customize, only the results when you rub it. This is a delayed service to give you time to polish up the awesome!
BANE WEAPON 10 Creature Bane weapons will be won at CCF very late Friday Night (Saturday wee hours) at 1am with common or uncommon flares when used against a specific creature. War Griffins, for instance, but not Storm Griffins. Bandits or Grimswarm, though, sound possible. Read all the signs for the information about what the merchant is offering.
BLACK & WHITE 4 total people (2 for black ora, 2 for white ora) will be selected at CCF at 1:30am Friday (Saturday, wee hours). This is a big Tier 3 weapon win that the winners will be selecting. Wyrom talks about them at the officials: - True Black Ora and Iasha Weapons are quite the treasures and
SSSSNAKE FLARES 10 people will win Snake flares on Friday night (Saturday, wee hours) at 2am at CCF. Snake Flares will be added to a weapon; zests will be added to the weapon, as well as a range of flares vs. your opponent when activated. Read about it at the wiki:
IRONWRIGHT 5 winners for Ironwright flares will be chosen Saturday at 9am at CCF. This rare flare gives holy water flares when the gear is blessed, no matter your profession. Also includes your choice of 2 other flares from the list that need to be activated and last only as long as the blessing before it all needs to be re-blessed and re-activated. There's more to know; read all the signs and study up at the wiki's list of Rare flares:
5-YEAR CHARGE 3 lucky people will be selected for the 5 Year Enhancive Charge purchase on Saturday at 10am at CCF. Hey, an enhancive that doesn't have to be recharged for 5 years sounds pretty awesome. Get out your best one for this service and bring your silvers. Scripted ones, i.e.: fusion or adventurer's badges, will not be eligible.
PADDED BUBBLES 5 Bubble flares will be up for grabs on Saturday at 10:30am at CCF. These bubble flares give you masterful damage padding for the next minute after activation. Read about them at the wiki!:
BANSHEE 5 Banshee flares will be available at CCF on Saturday at 11am. Banshee flares are traditionally placed on shields for Target Defense (TD) bonus vs. magic, and bolt Defensive Strength (DS). These will be a +50 bonus. You'll want to read all the signs at the merchant. The first runestaff with Banshee flares was sold at the Great Auction of 2016.
VOLN ARMOR UNLOCKS 10 lucky customers will be chosen for a Voln armor update on Saturday at 11:30am at CCF. Those who already have Voln armor can get 1 more tier unlocked. Must already have the scripted ability on the armor; no new sets will be sold. Voln armor starts with a DS Flare and verbs and gets better with each tier. Read about this amazing armor at the wiki. Mostly for members of the Order of Voln.
SENTIENT WEAPONS 1 Pure and 5 Impure Coraesine weapons will be sold at noon on Saturday at CCF. These pre-made items will have various properties, depending on whether they are pure or not. GM Tamuz leaves information about them with the list of eligible weapons at the officials: Read about this amazing, some say sentient, and extremely rare metal at the wiki:
GOT ENCUMBRANCE? 5% Weight Reductions for 10 lucky people at 12:30pm on Saturday at CCF. The collective weight of all items stored in this container will be reduced by 5% for encumbrance purposes while you wear or hold the container with the weight reduction on it. If you already own a weight-reducing container, this win will increase your container's reduction percentage by an additional 5%.
DESIGN YOUR BODY 25 Custom Alterations for Body Features will be available 1pm on Saturday at CCF. Describe your character's build right after their height, using ALTER 27 for guidelines. Formerly exclusive to Summit Academy and only offered from a premade list of options at that event. This may be a delayed service.
RESISTANCES 25 will be selected to purchase a Resistance on their gear at 1:30pm on Saturday, at CCF and 25 more at midnight. Add +10 (cannot be split) resistance to armor. Choose from slash, crush, puncture, heat, cold, electric, plasma, disrupt, impact, balance, grapple, vacuum, acid, steam, disintegration, and nature resistances! Which will you choose?
GET THORNY #1 The first Briar flares win will be for 1 Tier 3 weapon on Saturday at 2pm at CCF. You feed the vines some of your blood and they'll serve you well in combat. Wyrom talks about them at the officials: - In addition to three tiers of zests, the flares give you one minute of additional attack strength. Someone will have to fill in the wiki for that T3 spot so we'll know how much!
TIMES PER DAY At 2:30pm on Saturday at CCF, 5 X/day Enhancive and 5 X/day Magic Items are up. This is a premade item, and you get to choose the location for it, if it is worn. Read all the signs - we're pretty sure not all spells will be available. You can use it X many times a day.
ENCHANTING 10 Enchant spots will be selected at 3pm on Saturday at CCF and 15 will be chosen at 11pm. This is a +5 enchant to your weapon. Cost will depend on all the properties already on that weapon. Enhancives, enchantments, combat scripts, natural properties, weighting, etc. will all add to your final price quote.
POISON 5 folks will get to buy those rare Poison Flares at 3:30pm on Saturday at CCF. They add between 5 and 15 points of poison damage when they(randomly)flare, which dissapates 1-3 pts per round.
RUNESTAFF ATTENTION 10 Runestaff flares go up for sale at 4pm on Saturday at CCF and 10 more at 9:30pm. You choose to add 4x Acuity or +2 Mana flares to your runestaff. Acuity will strengthen spell attacks when it flares: Mana will boost the caster's mana when it flares:
RARES 5 Rare flares will be available for sale at 4:30pm on Saturday at CCF. Get one of these rare flares added to your weapon: crush, puncture, slash, unbalance, or grapple.
MAGIC PROOFING At 5pm on Saturday at CCF, 10 people can get +5 TD added to armor or shield. Target Defense (TD) is used in calculating your defenses against warding magic, CS spells. This takes up Category B property slot, like a flare or a blessing does.
ATTACK BOOSTER There will be 5 chances to buy an AS Bonus on Saturday at CCF, 5:30pm, for armor, shields, or other non-weapon items that makes them increase the Attack Strength of the user, including bolt spells. This is a Category B property, so it can't be added to, for example, flaring, blessed, or permablessed gear.
FEATURE HIDING 5 lucky ClimateWear owners can purchase Feature Hiding at 6pm on Saturday, at CCF. Add that last rare touch to your climatewear with the feature-hiding hood unlock!
RUNE TATS Will you be one of the 3 selected for Rune Tattoos at CCF on Saturday at 6:30pm? It will need to be in a visible location. Review the spell list available from Wyrom. Study all the signs when you get there.
HAVE IT YOUR WAY 2 EZ script Packages will be sold at 7pm on Saturday at CCF. Each one lets you add 5 EZscripts to a single item if you win. EZ scripts let you define how a verb interacts with your item. Read the wiki for the rules. It will be a delayed service to give you time to polish up the customization.
DEFEND ME 5 Defender Weapons can be serviced at 7:30pm on Saturday at CCF: Add +5 Defensive Strength (DS) to your weapon. The defensive bonus takes up the category B slot on the item properties, like flares or blessings.
BIG ENCHANTS Enchanting Potions: 2 lucky people will win the chance to purchase a set of three very rare potions. The set includes: 8x with 10 doses, 9x with 11 doses, and 10x with 12 doses. Be there at 8pm on Saturday at CCF for your chance.
ORPHANED ENCHANTS 25 Partial Enchants will be brought up to an even increment of 5 at 8:30pm and again at 10pm on Saturday at CCF. That's 25 opportunities to purchase this at each time on the schedule. For example, an imflass weapon would go from +12 to +15 and vaalorn armor would go from +18 to +20. Rumdotter called it "Sharpening" when she offered it at the last Ebon Gate.
GET THORNY #2 5 tier-2 Briar flare and 10 tier-1 Briar flare weapons are available at 9pm on Saturday at CCF. You feed the briar vines some of your blood and they'll serve you well in combat. These will be premade weapons, not a flare you can add to your weapon. In addition to the first or second tiers of zest verbs, the flares give you one minute of additional attack strength (AS) of +5 (T1) or +10 (T2)
CUSTOMIZE ALL THE THINGS Customizations happen at 1am Saturday night (wee hours Sunday) at CCF with spots for: 2 log phrases, 2 spell preps, 2 signature verbs, 2 custom loresongs, 2 greater armor & weapon moods, 2 Tier 3 GoryWeapons, and 5 complete familiar alterations. These will be delayed services to give you time to polish up the customization.
TELEPORTING TAT 5 Gold Ring Tattoos (sing it with me ... 5 Goooool-den Rings!) are up for grabs at 2am on Saturday night (the wee hours of Sunday) at CCF. This tattoo will duplicate the function of a normal gold ring, but because it is part of you, it cannot be confiscated. See the teaser from the Great Auction of 2016: