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The signature verb allows for further customization of a character. Available through contests, raffles, auctions, and other limited release events, a player is able to request a unique verb for their character. This is a delayed service and is subject to QC and approval from a GameMaster.

Premade verbs accessed via SIGNATURE are available at events such as Ebon Gate and Summit Academy. A character may have up to 50 different signature verbs.

Some examples of premade signature verbs include those founds at: Ebon Gate 2016, prizes for GHOUL in 2018, prizes for GHOUL in 2019, the Summit Expression Faire, and Return to Summit Academy.


SIGNATURE {option} {target if required}

{option} - one of the signature options available to your character
{target} - target object or player's name, if the option allows for a target

Using the SIGNATURE verb alone will indicate if that particular character has a signature verb.

A single verb cannot be both self targeted and targeted toward others.


Note: These are all examples of people's current signature verbs. They are listed for reference when building your own verb; please do not copy them.

>signature ponder person
After pondering for a moment, you give Person a friendly smile and a hearty thumbs up!
>signature fall
You feign death in a dramatic fashion, breathing laboriously and struggling with yourself to stay upright. You clutch your hands to your chest and cry out in pain, falling with heavy thud! You make yourself convulse and gurgle a bit, and then you force your body to still entirely. After a moment, you peek out of your right eye. With a sly grin, you return to your original position.
>signature beg person
You briskly rub your thumb against your forefinger in an expectant gesture toward Person.
>signature ponder
You reach up and begin to stroke the braids of your goatee, contemplating the situation. After a few moments, you slowly nod your head and give a sly grin, exposing a scattering of gold teeth.
>signature examine
You begin to pat yourself down, looking for whatever you think you misplaced. You let out a long sigh of relief, giving a broad grin that exposes a mouthful of gold teeth.
>signature wink person
You flash a sly grin and wink at Person, exposing a scattering of gold teeth.