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Caladsal Nellereune Illistim was the post-Lanenreat Argent Mirror who ruled at the time of the Sea Elf War. While it would sound strange today, so much time had passed since the Faendryl exile, Caladsal was actually friends with Princess Chesylcha Sukari Faendryl to the point of considering her a royal cousin. If this was at all representative of a softening of attitudes, a spirit of reconciliation where some Elves were hopeful of reuniting, the chance of the noble houses settling their differences was destroyed by the annihilation of the Ashrim Isle. It was a highly political controversy at the time, but the war that followed was considered irredeemable.

The tragedy of Chesylcha's murder and the horror that followed, so unforgivable that all hope was lost, stole all of the youth and passion from Caladsal. Broken spirited, she resigned herself to mundane affairs, focusing on construction and building defenses given recent hostilities. She was particularly notable for expanding the Illistim airship fleets, and was a descendant of their inventor Alerreth Nellereune Illistim, for whom Museum Alerreth was made out of the old depot.

Caladsal assumed the Peacock Throne at a young age in 442 Modern Era (49,549 Illistim) and ruled until presumably her abdication in 723 Modern Era (49,830 Illistim). Her reign was 281 years.

Argent Mirror of the House of Illistim
Preceded by: 442 Modern Era to 723 Modern Era
(49,549 to 49,830 Illistim)
Succeeded by:
Unknown (eventually Ulorean Illistim) Unknown (eventually Ardtin Illistim)

Non-Dynastic Argent Mirrors
Descendant of: Ancestor of:
Unknown (eventually Alerreth Nellereune Illistim) Unknown

Behind The Scenes

Museum Artifact

[Museum Alerreth, Airships]
Three model airships sit prominently on display in the middle of the room, each placed within a glass case. Matching glass-fronted cabinets, fitted with copper, sit apart from the small vessels, their contents filled with larger pieces of airship parts, pieces and paraphernalia. The floor underneath the exhibit is inset with a square tile, the patina of which matches the greenish finish of a verdigris arch.
Obvious exits: none

>look figurehead
The wooden figurehead is covered with a paper-thin layer of silver gilt, much of which has oxidized to black, mottling the piece's finish to be both matte and metallic. Its shape is that of an elven woman, one hand pressed to her chest and the other outstretched above her head. A coronal marks her brow. Next to the figurehead is a small plaque.

>read figurehead
In the Common language, it reads:
Early Illistim airships were fashioned in mimicry of ocean-going vessels, complete with captains wheels, sails and figureheads. The woman depicted in this example of the last was carved to resemble Caladsal Nellereune, later Argent Mirror Caladsal Illistim, a patron of the airship industry and a descendent of Alerreth Nellereune, discoverer of the process of veniom enrichment.