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Gender male
Race elf
Profession Blacksmith
Title Forgemaster
Venue Ebon Gate
Festival of the Fallen
Mist Harbor
Status active

Calardan is an elven merchant who works on armor, weapons, and shields. Frequently, he will ask for a story and alter your item around this.


You see Forgemaster Calardan.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is very tall.  He appears to be past his prime.  He has dull blue-grey eyes and uneven, ruddy skin.  He has closely cropped, grey-peppered russet brown hair with a prominent section of his scalp visible and revealing a wide band of scar tissue clearly denoting burn damage.  Puckered skin in mottled red hues surrounds his left eye, further emphasizing his mydriatic pupil.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a tiny forging hammer replica in his right hand.
He is wearing a patch-covered satchel, a navy blue brushed wool ruhan, some merlot-hued breeches gently stained with black in a marbled pattern, and some slouched charcoal suede boots.