Captain Elyssbeth

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Captain Elyssbeth of Niima's Promise

Elyssbeth is the captain of the Niima’s Promise, a ship in port at Caligos Isle. While on Caligos she discovered a signet ring on the corpse of an ancient Ashrim elf and since refuses to leave. She is a former devotee of Niima

Captain Elyssbeth
Storyline Caligos Isle
Gender female
Race elf
Status Alive
Relationship(s) Jothi (First Mate, lover)
Alias/Title a silver-eyed lithe elven woman
Affiliation(s) The Niima’s Promise, Ghezresh


Taller than average, the elven woman is lithe of body and lean of form.  Resting at a jaunty angle on her brow is a black leather tricorn, which is framed by the riotous ebon curls that spill down her back.  Streaks of indigo and silver stand out in the tresses, which mirror the silver of her eyes.  A signet ring adorns her left hand and is the only jewelry that she wears.


  • Mist slips through the area, causing a silver-eyed lithe elven woman to pause in her movements. She eyes the ethereal bands warily at first, but as they touch upon her, a look of quietude slips past her countenance, and her lips part in a sigh.
  • Lightning flashes in the distance, causing the lithe elven woman to draw a warding sign of a circle on her brow with her index finger.
  • Heavy bands of mist pass through the area and oddly, the lithe elven woman's eyes suddenly film over with an indigo light. A soft smile spreads across her lips as she gazes blindly about the area. "Yes," she quietly says. "Yes, I see it. Such beauty. Such promise." Slowly, she shakes her head, and her eyes clear, but the smile remains.
  • Slipping her hand to a sheath at her side, the lithe elven woman withdraws a simple dagger and begins to clean her fingernails. Trying to be surreptitious, she watches everything around her with a wary eye. After a moment, she flips the dagger in the air and sheaths it.