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Jothi is the First Mate of the Niima’s Promise, currently in port at Caligos Isle. Along with the rest of the crew, Jothi refuses to leave leave Caligos without his captain. Despite his love for Elyssbeth, he is too terrified of the Isle to set foot past the docks.

Storyline Caligos Isle
Gender male
Race Half-elf
Status Alive
Relationship(s) Captain Elyssbeth(Captain, lover)
Alias/Title a rheumy-eyed half-elven sailor
Affiliation(s) The Niima’s Promise


Slight of frame but gaunt beyond reason, the half-elven sailor has shaggy hair of chestnut brown and a day's growth upon his face.  Rheumy eyes with deep pouches beneath gaze around the area with a sadness that is echoed in his posture.  His clothing is disheveled and has seen better days, though his bare feet seem remarkably clean.


  • Heartbroken and weary, the sailor mutters in a strangled voice, "Niima give me strength and bring her back to me."
  • Several people descend the steps of Caligos Isle, their brightly colored clothing reflected in the ambient light. "Captain," the sailor cries out. "Is that you, Captain?" He watches with growing disappointment as the group passes him on their way to the Damsel of the Deep.
  • Shielding his eyes with both hands, the sailor turns his gaze towards a lateen-rigged exploration caravel and watches as a small dinghy briefly pulls up to its side. A sack is tossed from the deck down to the smaller boat, and immediately, a young man jumps in after. Closing his eyes, the sailor stands dejectedly on the pier as the dinghy pulls away.
  • Using his fingers, the sailor begins to count out loud, "Jorgenson, Gyxsy, Mairn, Zevvy..." he trails off for a moment in thought. "Still six of us, we could sail her if the captain comes back. We could still get off this rock."
  • Staring at the island, the half-elven sailor begins speaking as if to a person only he can see. "Captain Elyssbeth, you can do it, just get your feet on the pier and break the bloody curse! You can do it, return to us," he urges with his heartfelt words.