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Gender Female
Race Elf
Status Alive
Relationship(s) Jothi (First Mate, lover), Nix (pet)
Alias/Title Captain
Affiliation(s) The Niima’s Promise, Ghezresh, Niima

Elyssbeth is the captain of the Niima’s Promise, a ship that put into port at Caligos Isle. While on Caligos, she discovered a signet ring on the corpse of an ancient Ashrim elf and refused to leave. She was a devotee of Niima before being controlled by Ghezresh. She appeared as a silver-eyed lithe elven woman.


Taller than average, the elven woman is lithe of body and lean of form.  Resting at a jaunty angle on her brow is a black leather tricorn, which is framed by the riotous ebon curls that spill down her back.  Streaks of indigo and silver stand out in the tresses, which mirror the silver of her eyes.  A signet ring adorns her left hand and is the only jewelry that she wears.

Inside the Shore of Dreams, she had the following appearance:

[Shore of Dreams, Water's Edge]
Sunlit waves break upon a sandy beach banded in hues of grey, blue, and dusky violet.  Thin strands of tangled kelp and other sea-borne flotsam have been washed ashore and lie arranged in scalloped lines by the tides.  Iridescent shell fragments glimmer here and there, embedded in the mottled sand.  You also see a silver-eyed lithe elven woman.
Obvious paths: north, south

>l woman
Laying on her back, her unshod feet extending to the gently lapping tide, Captain Elyssbeth slumbers within the wet sand with her pale face towards the star-strewn sky and her inky black curls forming storm clouds around her head.  Indigo mist swirls across her face as she dreams, while her eyes roam feverishly beneath her nearly transparent eyelids.

Inside the Nightmare Tides, she had the following appearance:

[Carrack, Captain's Quarters]
Much of the chamber is submerged beneath inky black water.  Only the top of the expansive window in the stern is visible above the swirling waterline, gaping like a maw with shattered glass teeth.  Little that wasn't bolted down remains, and all that does is warped and waterlogged, with only salt-stained shreds of fabric and flecks of gilding left to hint at the luxury that once graced these quarters.   A silver-eyed lithe elven woman is trapped beneath a heavy mahogany map table, and a swarm of dragon-headed indigo eels takes turns nipping at her.  You also see a skewed wooden door hanging from one hinge.

>l woman
Trapped in a seated position near the back of the cabin, Captain Elyssbeth is ravaged by exposure.  Her bruised eyes are closed, the lids nearly transparent as they race from side-to-side as she sleeps in the waist-deep water.  One hand is limp at her side, while the other is stretched across  that pins her in place, her hand reaching for salvation but finding no purchase.


Mist slips through the area, causing a silver-eyed lithe elven woman to pause in her movements.  She eyes the ethereal bands warily at first, but as they touch upon her, a look of quietude slips past her countenance, and her lips part in a sigh.

Lightning flashes in the distance, causing the lithe elven woman to draw a warding sign of a circle on her brow with her index finger.

Heavy bands of mist pass through the area and oddly, the lithe elven woman's eyes suddenly film over with an indigo light.  A soft smile spreads across her lips as she gazes blindly about the area.  "Yes," she quietly says.  "Yes, I see it.  Such beauty.  Such promise."  Slowly, she shakes her head, and her eyes clear, but the smile remains.

Slipping her hand to a sheath at her side, the lithe elven woman withdraws a simple dagger and begins to clean her fingernails.  Trying to be surreptitious, she watches everything around her with a wary eye.  After a moment, she flips the dagger in the air and sheaths it.

The Loresong

The Loresong's Memory from a black cockatoo feather (Nix's feather).

Heralded by bawdy laughter and lively music, the image of a seaside tavern blossoms to life in your mind's eye. The swaying lamplight spills upon the denizens of one table, who loudly proclaim to any that inquire that they are the crew of the Niima's Promise, under the command of Captain Elyssbeth. A silver-eyed lithe woman offers a two finger salute anytime a mug is raised to the Captain's name. She appears jovial and relaxed, one hand lightly upon the hilt of a rapier at her side, while the other toys with the hair of a nearby sailor. Her feet are crossed upon the table, and she's quick with a ready smile for any joke and a loud cheer at the antics of her men. Slowly, the scene fades, though not before you notice that the sailor at her side has his hand on her thigh.
Dim lighting and the soft sound of a mandolin lend a quiet atmosphere to the small tavern that unfolds within your mind's eye. The smoke of tobacco pipes fills the air with a fragrant haze in the dim lighting. Sailors and tavern maids converse quietly amid the sleeping as the light of dawn begins to stain the windows coral and magenta. A dark-haired woman with silver eyes reclines against one wall, her feet propped up and resting upon a nearby table, where a scattering of men snore in their cups. Her silver eyes never stray from the door, which opens suddenly to admit a swarthy dwarven man.

Lifting her pipe from her mouth, she silently hails the dwarf, who quickly joins her at the table. They speak in quiet tones, the woman listening as her free hand toys with the hair of the sailor whose head is in her lap. The dwarf speaks for a long time, gesturing animatedly as he does, and after a while they seem to come to some kind of agreement. Lifting her hand from the sailor's hair, they shake, and the dwarf departs.

Slipping from her hair, a cockatoo whistles loudly and says, "Don't trust the Junderthal."

Chuckling, she chides the bird, "If I listened to only you, Nix, we'd never get a job."

The cockatoo ruffles his feathers and prances across her shoulder to disappear into her hair once more.

Fingers of mist obscure your vision, the ethereal bands producing a phantom sound and an icy chill. A low, monotone sound ripples through the air, but nothing echoes back. Slipping through the fog to gaze over the bow, a silver-eyed woman scratches the tummy of the cockatoo on her shoulder as she gazes into the obscuring depths.

"Steady helmsman," she calls out.

"Craning her neck slightly, she calls up into the sky, "Keep your weather eye to the Damsel, Jothi. Once you see her lanterns, you yell!"

The rattle of the rigging clanking against the mast seems overly loud in the prevailing silence as long moments stretch into minutes. Indigo lights begin to appear just off the starboard side of the ship, and the mists begin to thin. As a cry from the crow's nest rings through the air, a ship appears, causing the last of heavy fog to disperse.

"Jothi," you hear a sultry voice chide from just ahead of you. "There is nothing to fear. The island is literally littered with the treasures of a long dead people. Everywhere we go, there is something to be discovered. Take these caves, for instance. There are six skeletons in them layered with jewels and treasures."

From the dark, the pale face of a silver-eyed elven woman fills your vision. Her smile is radiant and carefree as she reaches for your hand.

"I don't know, Ellie," you hear yourself saying as she drags you deeper into the cave. "This mist is dangerous. It is hurting some of us, and I've seen you flinch. Even Nix is being strange."

You move with the momentum the tug affords you, but reluctantly. Laughing, she turns and picks something up out of the sand.

"You know," she says absently to you as she dusts the ring off.

"You'd have less wrinkles around your eyes if you worried less, and I'd like you to be around for many more years to come," she says with a smile.

She holds the ring to the light and then slips it on her hand. To your horror, indigo lines snake up her arm, and the mist around you thickens.

Fate of Elyssbeth

The Fate of Elyssbeth was decided in 5121 by taking part in the quest: A Tale of Love.


When the unicorn saved Elyssbeth in the Shore of Dreams, the following messaging resulted:

Prancing in the sand, her hooves making small crescents in the soft terrain, the unicorn moves to Captain Elyssbeth's side and flowers her horn to the cloud of mist that hovers over the woman's face.  Brief flashes in the indigo substance draw a moan from the restless sleeper, but a silvery light radiates outwards from the unicorn's horn, evaporating the last dredges of the invader.  Peaceful slumber settles of Captain Elyssbeth, a faint smile lifting her lips.  Soft as a whisper, she sighs, "Jothi."

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