A Tale of Love

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Once upon a time, there was an adventuring party that traveled the seas in a caravel. They took jobs as they saw fit. They even pirated a little if the mood suited them, and they were loyal and true to each other.

Five years ago, the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself to the crew of the caravel and they took it with both hands!

Tightly behind Captain Junderthal, Captain Elyssbeth voyaged to the strange island beyond the mist in search of adventure and treasure. Her crew happily came with her.


Grand adventures were not in the cards for all of them. Those that stayed behind on the ship to help unload supplies and batten her down for weather were the lucky ones. On an expedition into the jungles, some of the crew was lost to the wilds and the persistent mist. One became trapped by a small trinket that seemed harmless but…

Jothi, First Mate of the Niima’s Promise, is all that is remains of the original crew. He has stood on the docks, too afraid to touch the true land of Caligos Isle, and prayed that his Captain, his beloved Elyssbeth, would find sensibility and return to him.

He even implored the Captain’s cockatoo to trail after her in hopes that her faithful companion’s cries would remind her that she should come home.

For four years, that hope has been in vain.

Until one day just a few short months ago, when a soft voice lured him from the pier and called for him to move the caravel to a small cove. As he moved the ship under his command, something crawled onto the deck.

Draped from head to toe in seaweed, nothing visible of her features but the deep cerulean hue of her eyes, the being spoke to him of how he could save his beloved captain. For all he had to do was rescue her from the false dream of Salvation that Ghezresh had her trapped in. She would offer her aid…

For a price.

Quest: A Tale of Love

Jothi, the rheumy-eyed half-elf sailor has moved Niima’s Promise, the Caravel from the pier and into a small cove. Along with the help of Nix, the cockatoo, he has kept most of the eels and mist away from the caravel. If you bring him a ghezyte-veined sea glass bauble, then he will accept it so that he can use it to pay the Sea Hag’s steep price. He will give you, in return, that which the Sea Hag has promised will free Elyssbeth from the curse.

He just longs to leave Caligos with his love at his side, on the boat that they have both love.

The Quest, A Tale of Love, begins on October 8th at 9pm.

Fearful to step onto the island and succumb to the same curse as his beloved, Jothi needs your help in breaking the curse on Captain Elyssbeth.

Bring your a ghezyte-veined sea glass bauble to Jothi, and he will give you some small instructions and he will give you the Sea Hags gift.

Be sure to LOOK and ANALYZE everything when you are taking part in the quest and know that there are consequences in everything.

Will you free Elyssbeth from Ghezresh and return her to Jothi’s side?

Or will you strengthen Ghezresh’s hold on her?

In the days and nights ahead, you can decide her Fate on Caligos.