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The Aradhul Road is a dangerous path that stretches from the north part of the Ta'Vaalor Glaise Cnoc Cemetery to the Gyldemar Road, outside the approach to Old Ta'Faendryl.

Though apparently once grand and well kept, the route is now filled with dangerous obstacles that only the most well trained adventurers can traverse, as well as the occasional hostile creatures that can interrupt travel. The eastern instance of the Red Forest is also found along the road.

The road is named for Aradhul Vaalor, the founder of the elven House of Vaalor.

Maneuvering the Trail

Adventurers attempting to maneuver the Aradhul Road will need to be trained in both Climbing and Swimming. Physical Fitness and Survival may also be beneficial factors.

Adventurers may attempt to jump over the broken bridge (with a high chance of death on failure) or climb down to the Mistydeep River and swim across. Once in the river, swim to the north side to continue toward Old Ta'Faendryl or to the south side to continue to Ta'Vaalor.

Dead bodies on the south side of the river, including the Red Forest, cannot be dragged or magically transported out except with the adjacent-realm teleportation ability of nexus gems which can take them to Ta'Illistim or Ta'Vaalor. To bring a body out manually, ROLL it into the Mistydeep River. After a few minutes the body will wash up downstream at a random location near Ravelin or Sorcerer's Isle.

The trail cannot be used for traveler escort tasks from the Adventurer's Guild.

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