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This category lists all creatures found in the Marsh Keep hunting area. The Marsh Keep hunting area is nearest to the town of River's Rest. It is found on the map RR-marsh_keep.

Marsh Keep is an abandoned fortress in the middle of the Miasmal Forest across Maelstrom Bay from the town of River's Rest. It is located down a fog shrouded path by the Hanging Tree in the Miasmal Forest.

Outside the Keep Inside the Keep Inside the Keep - Basement
necrotic snake necrotic snake tomb troll
rotting chimera rotting chimera tomb troll necromancer
gaunt spectral servant gaunt spectral servant flesh golem
flesh golem

Careless adventurers can slip in the bog, so care must be taken when traversing the mire, if they do not have the Water Walking (112) spell.

Running through the swampy terrain, you notice a wet patch in the bog and succumb to the treacherous mire as your feet are sucked in!
Roundtime: 7 sec.

The Secret Study is a hidden room on the second floor of the Marsh Keep where incoming teleportation is not restricted.

Behind the Scenes

The area was released in September 2008. The creatures in it range in level between the Miasmal Forest and Bonespear Tower in Solhaven.

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