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Tsoran's map

This category lists all creatures found in the Miasmal Forest hunting area. The Miasmal Forest hunting area is nearest to the town of River's Rest. It is found on the Tsoran map RR-maelstrom.

The Miasmal Forest is across Maelstrom Bay from River's Rest. There are two mazes in the Miasmal Forest.

Oteska's Haven is located in the northeastern corner of the Miasmal Forest. Marsh Keep is located in the southeast corner.

Words of Warning

Using caution in this area is strongly advised. Skeletal soldiers can disarm, lesser moor wights cast Death Cloud (1713), greater bog trolls cast Tangle Weed (610), swamp hags drop small black kettles and cast a host of nasty area affect spells, and the fetid corpses may entangle you when they enter the area. This area is notorious for its creature swarms, which often leads to an untimely end for visitors. Characters are advised to move swiftly and peer into adjacent rooms to avoid inconvenience and death.



Occasionally lightning strikes in the Miasmal Forest. If it hits you, it may cause a minor wound.

The stink of sulphur seems to drift down from the fog overhead. A moment later the fog is illuminated by slow moving, blue-tinted arcs of lightning. A muted sizzling sound crackles overhead.

A narrow finger of blue-tinted lightning streaks out of the fog, striking your vultite sica! The air crackles and pops. Bright spots dance before your eyes. The stink of sulphur is intense.

You are dazed by the light!
Roundtime: 6 sec.

The acrid smell of your own singed hair fills your nostrils.

Mood messaging

  • A small cloud of gnats passes by. The whirring of their tiny wings is like a plaintive whine.
  • A soft mewling can be heard in the distance...perhaps a bog cat crying, perhaps a child weeping. The dense fog makes any attempt to ascertain the direction of the sound futile.
  • A sudden, loud squawking from the nearby fog disrupts the silence. The squawking continues for a moment, faster and louder, before ending abruptly in a sharp screech.
  • From out of the dense fog comes an eerie howling, as if someone or something is in grievous pain. The forlorn sound increases in volume and pitch, until the voice can no longer sustain it and it breaks.
  • In the distance, the fog brightens suddenly as forks of blue-tinted electricity slither through it. A light crackling sound, like the shifting of dried leaves, arrives a moment later.
  • The high-pitched trilling of a bog toad carries through the fog. The trilling is echoed by another toad. A chorus of toads begin to trill in response. For a brief moment the area is alive with sound...then silence, leaden and dull, returns.
  • The hoarse croak of a gore crow breaks the silence. The thick fog makes it impossible to tell the direction from which it came.
  • The nauseating stink of putrefaction moves through the fog in a slow wave, followed by a brief, unnatural hush. A gore crow caws in the distance.
  • The rhythmic, basso belch of a bullfrog resounds through the fog.
  • The soft 'whuffing' of wings attracts your attention. A single gore crow flies by, heading northeast.


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