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Culture is the shared background of various population groups. In GemStone IV terms, each race consists of a variety of cultures.

Each character may only select one culture at character creation, or if they prefer they may leave it unchosen. If no culture is chosen, then it may be selected at any time afterwards with TITLE SET CULTURE {culture} (Note: To see which cultures are available to you, type TITLE LIST CULTURE USE. See TITLE for more information about the title system). Once selected, culture may only be changed afterwards with a culture reset, available through SimuCoins or as a rare prize in some (paid) Quests. Very rarely, there may be events (such as the release of a new culture option) where characters of a particular race receive a free culture reset.

Aelotoi Clans

Dwarf Clans

Elven Cultures

Dark Elven Cultures

Half-elven Cultures

  • pariah of Ta'Vaalor
  • pariah of Ta'Nalfein
  • pariah of Ta'Ardenai
  • pariah of Ta'Loenthra
  • pariah of Ta'Illistim
  • pariah of Ta'Faendryl
  • pariah of Selanthia
  • pariah of Aldora
  • pariah of Chastonia
  • pariah of Honneland
  • pariah of Estoria
  • pariah of Hendor
  • pariah of Allace
  • pariah of Trauntor
  • pariah of Seareach
  • pariah of Torre
  • pariah of Jantalar
  • pariah of Talador
  • pariah of Mestanir
  • pariah of Bourth
  • pariah of Vornavis
  • pariah of Highmount
  • pariah of Oire
  • pariah of Riverwood
  • pariah of Dragach
  • Half-Sylvan
  • The Tehir

Human Cultures

Sylvankind D'ahranals

Erithian Dai

Burghal Gnome Bloodlines

Forest Gnome Bloodlines

Giantman Clans

Halfling Cultures

Half-Krolvin Klinasts