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Sewer rats are found in the sewers of Bloodriven Village. The sewers can be accessed by purchasing a Rat Token from the SimuCoin store when Duskruin Arena is open.


>analyze rat
You analyze your sewer rat and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions, but the creator has stated that "The item has restrictions on changing the noun."

The creator has also provided the following information:

You could probably get a streaked sewer rat groomed by a special groomer, but groomers are not miracle workers.
It will likely still look dirty or grimy, and would probably bite off your hand if you tried putting silly hats or bows on it.

You could probably get it to be less loud by THUMPing it, or you could make it more excited by POKEing it.
If you find the sewer rat is becoming too annoying, confine it to a designated rat sack.

You can tell that the rat is as light as it can get.
>analyze sack
You analyze your burlap sack and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions, but the creator has stated that "The item type should not change."

The creator has also provided the following information:
This burlap sack is designed to hold a dirty pet rodent.
This item can be freely altered as long as it remains some kind of small belt-worn pouch or container.

You can tell that the cage is as light as it can get, but you might be able to have a talented merchant deepen its pockets for you.

Interactive Scripts

In Hand/Worn

  • Wear
You carefully place a sewer rat on your shoulder.
  • Remove
You reach up and snag a sewer rat, pulling the creature off your shoulder.
  • Poke
You poke animatedly at the sewer rat, but in its agitation, it just bites in a frenzied state back at you.
  • Thump
You give the sewer rat a solid and warning thump, conveying your displeasure. The rat hisses a bit but seems more quiet and wary around you.
  • Rub
You thoroughly muss the sewer rat's fur and it squirms out from under your hand, hissing with restrained ire as it begins to try to attend to its matted fur with an affronted air.
  • Tickle
You slide your finger idly along the fur between your sewer rat's ears, and the creature flattens them with annoyance but otherwise ignores the caress.
  • Pet
The sewer rat submits to your condescending pat, hissing with suppressed irritation at you.
  • Feed
The sewer rat grabs the cubes of juicy beef from your hand and drops to the ground, scurrying off and watching everybody with a wary distrustfulness as it begins to gnaw on the beef.
  • The sewer rat gnaws voraciously at some tiny cubes of juicy beef, its eyes darting back and forth, scanning for potential threats.
  • Finished with some tiny cubes of juicy beef, the sewer rat makes a cursory pass of its paws over its whiskers, browsing the ground for any remaining crumbs.
  • Put
You tuck your sewer rat into its {container} and it curls up to go to sleep.
  • Get
You pluck a sewer rat from a {container}, the creature yawning as you wake it up.

While on the Ground

  • Tickle: You wiggle your fingers invitingly at the sewer rat, trying to entice it over for some petting. The rat gives you a long suffering look before shuffling closer for a brief stroking between its ears.
  • Get: You warily pick up the sewer rat by the base of its tail, the creature squirming angrily.
  • Get (someone else): Person reaches out to grab the sewer rat and it bites her sharply on the hand before scurrying out of reach.
  • Kick: Person kicks at a sewer rat and it scurries quickly out of the way, baring its yellowed teeth menacingly at her.

Ambient Messaging

Nosing about inside your collar, the sewer rat eventually sits up with a dried-up dropping clutched in its jaws. Letting the discovery drop to the ground, the sewer rat chitters at you, obviously annoyed at your lack of hygiene.

The sewer rat suddenly plops down, grooming itself with an almost comical air of fastidiousness.

The sewer rat on your shoulder nuzzles briefly at the nape of your neck, when you suddenly feel a sharp burst of pain in your scalp! You swat at the rat but it dodges and escapes to the safety of its canvas case, adding a ragged tuft of your hair to the mound of bedding stuffed within. A moment later, it re-emerges and climbs back up to your shoulder, squeaking with amusement.

The sewer rat makes a sudden leap, trying to gain access to the top of your head! Muttering imprecations at the obnoxious rodent, you manage to herd it back down to your shoulder.

The sewer rat slinks down your shoulder, controlling its descent with scrabbly little claws, until it disappears with a curious squeak into a {container}.

A sewer rat suddenly peeks its head out from your {container}, sniffing the air before ducking back inside.

Your {container} shifts and rustles a bit, the sounds of high-pitched squeaks emanating from it.

The faint sounds of gnawing reaches your ears. That better not be your {container} the rat is trying to chew through!

A sewer rat clambers out from your {container} and climbs its way back up to your shoulder, looking quite pleased with itself.

Craning to see something beyond your other shoulder, a sewer rat sets a paw on your nose, its little claws digging into your skin before abruptly slipping, sending the animal clinging wildly to your front. The sewer rat quickly scrambles back up to your shoulder with an embarrassed and sulky squeak.

The sewer rat snuffles along your neck, pausing to dig its nose into your ear.

Hanging on securely with three paws, the sewer rat licks its fourth paw and spends several seconds carefully smoothing out the fur covering its lower back and one leg.

The sewer rat creeps slowly from your one shoulder to the other, thwapping you in the chin a few times with its long hairless tail.

The sewer rat sits upright on your shoulder, gazing about the area from its higher and relatively safe vantage point with a mien of feral regality.

Rat Catching Probability

Posted by GM Wyrom:

If you're in the proper room with a rat, you have a 25% chance to catch it.

Alteration Guidelines

  • Rats can only be altered via Sadie Scroll, due to the possibility of having to go through QC.
  • There is no hard list of what nouns rats can be altered into, but most anything that can be described as a 'rodent'.
  • Rodent sacks don't have to be altered, but if you do, it would be separate from the rat alteration.
  • Tails and pick-up locations can be changed to make sense with the noun that the rat is being altered to.
  • Due to only be alterable via Sadie Scroll, if you want your rodent to have both a long and a show, you would need to have two separate alterations done.