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Through rare merchants, raffles, and special events, the Manna (203) spell can now be customized. Clerics and Empaths must first prepare the spell and then use SUMMON CUSTOM to access their custom bread option. Open casting or INCANT will still allow access to standard options.

There are several premade options available, and depending on the release method, the player may be allowed to submit their own customization. If the player does submit their own idea, it will be considered a delayed service, as it will have to go through the QC process.

As of 2018, Custom Manna does not have to be "bread." At Ebon Gate 2018 a pre-made prize was a Custom Manna of a pickle.

Premade Options

Description Taste Message 1 Taste Message 2
a slice of banana walnut bread Moist and tender, the bread is ripe with the flavors of banana and toasted walnuts. The walnuts retain a slight crunch within the flavorful spiced banana bread.
a square of tart lemon cake The moist cake is decadent, with the floral flavor of lemon and a tart buttery glaze. If not for the rich buttery sugar glaze, the tart lemon of the cake would almost be overwhelming.
a wedge of anise and wheat flatbread Coarsely ground wheat gives the flatbread a rustic flavor tinged with the distinctive flavor of anise. Lightly toasted, the slightly nutty wheat bread is touched with anise.
a round of garlic-rubbed bread The crusty outer edge of the bread is strewn with grain kernels, while the face is buttered and rubbed with roasted garlic. Tiny pieces of roasted garlic clings to the face of the buttered bread.
a pancake of crispy cornbread Fried to a crisp edge with a soft center, the cornbread pancake is lightly salted and golden brown. The edges of the cornbread crumble with each bite, giving way to a tender, lightly salted center.
a mini loaf of yellow cornbread The top and edges of the small loaf of cornbread are browned perfectly, and the center is ever so slightly sweet. Cooked to perfection, the cornbread crumbles into sweet, sandy gold in your mouth.
a dense seed-encrusted honey cake Startlingly sweet, the dense cake is covered in seeds and filled with hearty oats. Caraway, sunflower, and flax seeds riddle the tiny cake, giving it a pleasant crunch and earthiness that lessens the painfully sweet pastry.
a wedge of syrup-soaked golden semolina cake Light and airy, the simple cake is golden brown and filled with coconut shavings. A thin, slightly sweetened orange blossom syrup works its way upward from the body of the wedge to fill the mouth with its delicate citrus flavoring. Blanched almonds provide interest and texture to the airy cake, their nutty flavors combining with the orange blossoms syrup to produce a slightly sweet and warm combination on the palate.


Summit Academy Offerings

Number Description Taste Message 1 Taste Message 2
55 a cinnamon honey drop biscuit Your senses are awakened by a potent dash of cinnamon. United in perfection, sweet honey blends with fiery cinnamon for a surprisingly revitalizing snack.
56 a crusty wheat braid A hint of honey flavor lingers on your tongue as you consume the chewy bread. The thick crust gives way to a chewy, dense bread, full of rich wheat flavor.
57 a thick fudge brownie filled with pieces of walnut The brownie is dense and chewy with a rich, dark chocolate taste that lingers on the palate with a hint of buttered rum flavor. The savory, seasoned walnuts complement the sweetness of the chocolatey treat.
58 a burnt piece of toast Charred and blackened crumbs linger on your tongue, an acrid flavor seeping across your lips. A pungent flavor, similar to that of charred cedar, stings your palate and leaves behind a sharply bitter aftertaste.
59 a thin slice of raisin bread Lightly sweet and baked to perfection, the hearty flavor of the warm bread mingles refreshingly with the plump raisins Bursts of sweet raisins bleed through a rich and buttery flavor that clings to the fluffy bread.
60 a round sea salt and caraway-topped rye tebol Lightly spiced with sea salt and caraway seeds, the dark, yeasty bread is light and airy. Hearty without being heavy, the dark bread has a richness to it that is enlivened by exotic spices.
61 an homage orange muffin Golden brown crust gives way to a crumbled batter that is laced with fragrant orange and sweet honey. Smoky cardamom twines with clean, crisp notes of orange rind to brighten the moist muffin, its exotic flavors acting as a herald to the spiciness of coarsely ground ginger.
62 a toasted coconut almond cookie Light nutty flavors flow seamlessly with the delicate sweet of coconut and butter in a rewarding pastry. Rich in taste but light in sugar, the buttery dough delivers subtle showers of toasted coconut with the pure flavor of almond.
63 a delicate duck broth dumpling The dumpling melts in your mouth, releasing piping hot broth rich with herbs and bits of perfectly roasted duck. Flakes of roasted duck infuse a hot broth, providing a rich yet subtle flavor.
64 a plump seaweed soup dumpling Bits of seaweed add a refreshing blast of saltiness to the rich broth. Hot soup tasting of the ocean explodes upon the palate, and bits of dumpling melt into a hearty blend of pastry, seaweed, and broth.
65 a spicy pork-filled bun Spicy shredded pork fills the delicate steamed bun, its juices running out with each bite. A rush of ginger-infused pork melts on the tongue, mingling with the taste of warm, steamed bun.
66 a chunky pan-fried dumpling The dumpling is filled with diced scallions, bits of ginger, and tiny chunks of lobster in a savory sauce. Bits of crackling from the pan-frying melt on your tongue as you bite into the dumpling, releasing a savory blend of lobster and scallions.
67 a steamed shrimp-filled bun Soft and warm, the bun gives way to a mixture of shrimp and lemongrass in a creamy coconut sauce. The scent of lemongrass is released as you bite into the warm bun filled with fresh shrimp.
68 a garlicky steamed bun Enough garlic to feed a village may have been used in the creation of this steamed bun, and each bite certainly serves to perk up the senses. At the center of this garlicky bun is a refreshing burst of fresh basil and melted cheese.
69 a bacon-topped steamed bun A sticky sweet glaze adheres crispy bacon to the top of the steaming bun, and it melts in your mouth as you bite into it, releasing a flood of warm vanilla cream tinged with bits of maple. One bite of this bun fills your mouth with sweet dough and crispy bacon.
70 a pan-fried stuffed dumpling Delicate in taste, the bits of sea urchin and kelp swim in a sticky fish sauce. A hint of fresh basil adds depth to the delicate sea urchin dumpling.
71 a gingery beef-stuffed bun Bursts of fresh ginger and citrus flood the senses, and chunks of beef melt like butter on your tongue. Citrusy and savory, the beef bun is invigorating with bright notes of sesame and garlic.
72 a filet of miso-glazed salmon The delicate flavor of the fatty salmon complements the sharp tang of the miso glaze. Mild in flavor, the juicy salmon almost melts on your tongue, the crisp skin providing a pleasant contrast in texture.
73 an enormous roasted leg of turkey Perfectly roasted, the browned skin of the turkey leg crunches as you chew. Slightly greasy, the savory dark meat of the turkey leg fills your mouth with its succulent juices.