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Eiadh Rythaen [e-yith] is an Ardenai elf of somewhat noble birth who prefers to wander distant lands. She is currently a citizen of 'Haven. She is a healer by profession, an accomplished archer and fletcher, and runs E and S's Fine Furs, a shop in the fur trade.

She founded the Solhaven Trade Association and is a member of H.E.R.T. and Cairnfang Manor.

Personal Crest

Eiadh is one of two Adventurers in recent memory to be honored with an elven jewel for her heraldry. Her crest appears thus in ring form:

The surface of the signet ring has been engraved with a complex elven crest. Enclosed in an unbroken gilded circle, the engraving shows an oak leaf set above a composite bow wrapped in delicate acantha leaves. Sharp arrowheads arch down from the upper left corner into the image. To the left, the crest is flanked by a blooming woth flower, and, to the right, by a sleek river otter. The top of the crest bears a tiny sapphire-streaked diamond rimmed with silver vaalin.

In the Elven language, it reads:
In good faith, flourish.


You see Lady Eiadh the Master Fletcher.
She appears to be an Ardenai Elf.
She appears to be youthful and tall. She has lively, silver-flecked deep violet eyes and fair skin. She has long, silver hair scattered with several tiny braids and pulled back into a decorative knot, save for a few wispy strands that frame her face. She has an angular face and high cheekbones. The specks of silver in her eyes reflect sparks of light, intensifying her violet gaze.
She has a gleaming silver ring in her right eyebrow, and a golden leaf tattoo on her finger.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a vaalin-edged lightless glimaerstone ferronniere, a light deerskin-edged cloak, a set of dark leather brigandine, a pale silver spidersilk bodice, a rune-etched leather scroll case, a polished mistwood bow case, a soft tawny leather pack, a tightly woven silver mesh gem pouch, a silver Ardenai signet ring, some deerskin archery gloves, a thin deer skin belt, a tri-fold oiled leather ration kit, a slim deerskin thigh-quiver, some dark brown spidersilk breeches, and some calf-high deer skin boots.