Eirawen (prime)

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Eirawen Willowrich
Race Half-elf
Culture Torre
Class Empath
Profession Herbalist
Religion Oleani
Demeanor Reserved
Greatest Weakness Too trusting
Hobbies Reading
Loved One Never been in love

Eirawen Willowrich fondly called "Error-not" by her siblings, is the second oldest of the Willowrich Triplets. Fond of books, reading and learning, Eirawen traveled with her sisters Mairnwen and Aeronwen when they joined studies at the Temple of Love in Solhaven. Eirawen is a half-elven empath who currently resides in River's Rest in the County of Torre.


You see Eirawen Willowrich.
She appears to be a Half-Elf from Torre.
She is shorter than average.  She appears to be of a tender age.  She has delicately-lashed, soft dusky blue eyes and freckled skin.  She has long, fine honey blonde hair tied into two perky pigtails at the crown of her head with some ivory lace hair ribbons.  She has a delicate face, a small nose and small pointy ears.
She has some tiny golden hoops adorned with a diminutive pink pearl set along the slender tips of her pointed ears.
She is wearing a pair of ivory pince-nez spectacles, a silver-based sleek crystal sphere, a rune circlet, a silver-traced pale green jade amulet, a deeply hooded delicate linen cloak, a back-laced claret velvet bodice, a faded velvet book satchel, some elven fighting leathers, a delicate gold charm bracelet, some silver-insigiled ivory linen casting gloves with intricate claret-hued buttons, a slender case formed from blocks of black willow and modwir, a soft ivory rose-patterned sack, a small rag poppet, a flowing claret linen skirt accented with delicate ivory lace cutwork, and a pair of white ankle-tie silk slippers.

Additional Information

  • History of the Willowriches
  • Family Crest - A drooping black willow tree surrounded by red rose petals upon a field of hunter green. Golden sheaves of wheat adorn the right corner opposite an ivory rosebud superimposed over a vibrant red heart.

Willowrich Family Farm

Willowbend Manor, a farmstead which is located in a rather isolated region of the Province of Torre, north and east of Fairport. Primary crops were apples,corn and wheat. Known for their Roses.

Education - Mother homeschooled all of the children in the ways of writing, reading, elven and the teachings of Oleani. Grandmother Willowrich taught the children the sciences, including herbology, zoology, and biology. Father taught math and flute.

Father - Glyndwr(Meaning "valley water") Willowrich, human, retired paladin of Oleani, now an agriculturalist, as was his father.

Mother - Siofra(Meaning "Little elf")Willowrich, Cleric of Oleani, half-elf, orphaned at a young age. She would spend hours in the library at the Abbey, reading. She was inspired by Lady Fillee's devotion to Oleani. Known to Lady Fillee, The Matriarch, under another name. That other name is a well guarded secret. The Girls and their brother do not know it. Only Siofria and Glyndwr know it, it is Andrasia(Which means Demon, or cursed in her tongue)

Brother - Glyndwrson(Meaning son of Glyndwr) Willowrich-aspiring paladin of Oleani. Older by five years.

Paternal Grandmother - Ceinwen( Meaning lovely, and blessed) Willowrich-empath, human manuscript came from her. Known affectionately as "Nana".

Paternal Grandfather - Glynis(Meaning valley) Willowrich-ranchman, agricultuarlist, human. Deceased.

First sister - Mairnwen(Meaning beloved and blessed) Willowrich-Cleric of Oleani. Nature artist, animal afficiando, speaks a modicum of elven. Leary of men. Born Ivastaen the third, 5079

Second sister - Eirawen( Meaning snow and white, fair, or blessed.) Willowrich-Empath, devotee of Oleani. Avid reader, enjoys cooking, fluent in elven, slightly less hardy than her sisters. Training to be a midwife. Born Ivastaen the third, 5079

Third sister - Aeronwen(Meaning berry and fair, white, or blessed.) Willowrich-Cleric of Oleani. Expert gardener, boy-watcher, questionable knowledge of elven, tends to fidget. Born Ivastaen the third, 5079

Baby sister ~ Rhonnwen (Meaning Fair hair, or Fair Spear) Willowrich ~ Ranger of Oleani. Bit of a tomboy.