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This Month's Edition

Editor: The Editorial Team in the absence of Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l

Editor's Thoughts

Elanthian Vogue is the home of fashion insights and cultural appreciation. From the latest trends at court and style tips, to interviews with notable public figures or celebrities, we hope that our content informs and inspires. If you enjoy our publications, please let us know and share with your friends. We welcome feedback, suggestions, and articles for future editions.

With the imminent return of our Editor, we have a bumper edition for you this month that builds on our recent articles concerning self-love and focuses on well-being. Koaratos sees the return of the long-running A Midsummer Night's Festival to the Monsoon Jungle on the Isle of the Four Winds and we have a sneak peek at what FashionCon 5118 has in store for you. We also take a closer look at Flashfeet's Fine Fashions following its recent refurbishment and, staying in the frozen north, we feature an exclusive interview with another Elanthian luminary: Icemule’s new Mayor, Tawariell Andrenae.


Editorial Team

Wealth and Well-Being

It sometimes feels as if we’re all just running from place to place rarely pausing to draw breath let alone stop and chat with someone. We’re all so busy with our daily lives, whether that is focusing on guild tasks, accumulating wealth, or simply trying to survive, that we often forget to take stock of our well-being. When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses? Literally and metaphorically.

Well-being is the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy and that can mean different things to different people. It is a personal measure of satisfaction that can be achieved in any number of ways but there are some that are more easily realized than others. Whilst we would all secretly like to have a more silvers in the bank or skills accredited with the guilds, there are other ways of achieving a sense of well-being.

It is never too late to learn a new skill. The time spent alone in the forge, or alchemy and cobbling workshops is the perfect opportunity to escape the worries of the day and reflect on your recent experiences. If you’re looking for something a little less taxing but equally rewarding, then why not try your hand at fletching; find yourself a quiet spot and hone your skills with a dagger, some feathers and a pot of glue.

Taking up a hobby is a good way of relaxing and needn’t involve a large outlay. It only takes a few hundred silvers to purchase some knitting needles and yarn. Alternatively, you could acquire a few simple tools, forage for some flowers or leaves, and have a go at weaving. For those who are more creatively minded, there is always painting, sketching, or writing; an easel, a paintbrush, a quill and a piece of paper are the perfect outlets for poetic or artistic expression.

Have you visited your local library, temple, garden or fishing pond lately? A little quiet solitude does wonders for your state of mind and the benefits of meditation are well documented. Grab yourself a candle, some incense and a mat, or a fishing rod and some bait and disappear for a while.

And if it’s physical relaxation you’re after, then why not pamper yourself in the local bathhouse, mud bath, or hot springs. Find out where your nearest facilities are and let the warm water soak away all your troubles.

Summer and Trees and Sprites. Oh My!

This month sees the return of the A Midsummer Night's Festival to its magical home in the Monsoon Jungle. Renowned for their warm welcome, the woodland sprites will surely have plenty of surprises in store for visitors again if past years’ festivities are anything to go by!

Climbing the grooves, ropes, boughs, and vines to reach the grove’s leafy platforms is an ideal way to spend a week away from mundane activities and the bustle of busy towns. Take some time out to focus on your well-being and enjoy the wares on offer in the temporary wagons, tents, and tree hollows. The clearing also boasts a raging bonfire for those who wish to socialize or simply draw comfort from the heat of the flames.

Liaison to Luminary

Tawariell Andrenae is no stranger to the residents of Icemule Trace having moved there from Wehnimer's Landing some years ago. Despite the town’s glacial environs and recent "Troubles", this unassuming half-sylvan had no qualms about making Icemule her home, thanks to the warm welcome she received on arrival.

Becoming a citizen herself, she was keen to repay that kindness to the community and soon made her mark as an Officer of White Haven; one of the Co-operative Houses of Elanthia. Liaison Tawariell was – and still is - a firm believer in the strengths of joint working so it was inevitable that she would announce her candidacy for Mayor; she was duly elected to office last month.

I stand for Hope, Service and Wisdom

Tawariell’s manifesto centered around a desire to see progress: rebuilding the town’s defenses, businesses, prosperity, and diplomatic relations, as well as coming to a pragmatic resolution with the self-proclaimed sovereign, Queen Daukhera Darkflorr.

You see Mayor Tawariell Andrenae the Luminary of Icemule Trace. 
She appears to be a Half-Sylvan. She is of a middling height. She appears to be in the spring of life. She has expressive, feathery-lashed pale spring-green eyes and youthful, apricot-kissed creamy skin. She has lengthy, copper-streaked carnelian-hued hair piled high atop her head in a haphazard bun pinned with an iridescent creamy white moonflower. She has a pair of tucked sylvan ears offsetting her subtly rounded face, a liberal smattering of freckles across her cheeks and nose and a discolored birthmark under her collarbone resembling a mottled oak leaf. She boasts a thick, curvy frame enhanced by mild muscle that belies her otherwise elven appearance. She has silver-frosted wintry white enamel brushed onto her slim fingernails. 
She has a trio of rainbow moonstone hoops fringed by thin silver chains in the ridges of both her ears, a tattoo of a whimsical spiral of pastel crescent moons on her ear, a silvery fog-swirled thunderstone ring in her left nostril, a colorful bird tattoo on her neck, a heart shaped cupcake tattoo on her bicep, an extremely rotund panda tattoo on her wrist, and a length of honeysuckle tattoo on her leg. 
She is in good shape. She is wearing a gold rose-patterned locket, a prismatic crystalline snowflake threaded on a fine silver chain, a pale silvery spidersilk duster, an opaline snowball pin, a pale silvery spidersilk gown, a moonstone studded ring, and some pale silver spidersilk high-heeled boots buckled with balenite.

Being a predominantly halfling settlement, Tawariell is taller than most of the electorate - though not so tall that she appears aloof - and is classically beautiful. With her fiery red mane, it is no wonder that she turns heads in the icy streets but there is a lot more to this half-sylvan than meets the eye. She displays a strength of character that matches her hair and steadfastly refuses to be swayed by external influences; even when it comes to fashion. Allowing her mood - not trends - to dictate her outfit choices, she admits to relying largely on color co-ordination. Given how her hair was casually piled and pinned atop her head, one wonders if her mood that day was playful or challenging. Either way, it was glorious to behold!

Politics aside, we took a closer look at her ensemble and touched on how it relates to her religious persuasions. Her fur-lined duster was both practical and elegant in its tailoring. It was hard not to be distracted by the seemingly chaotic arrangement of fog-swirled thunderstone chips at the hem and cuffs. Similar jeweled glints were visible from time-to-time in the gathered skirts of her exquisite gown. It’s not often one has the opportunity to see the exceptional work of the famed dressmaker, Yfane, up close.

Sewn from a brilliant weave of spidersilk, the hue of pale moonlight reflecting off of freshly fallen snow, the gown descends from a richly textured corset cinched by pastel ribbon pulled through vaalin grommets. Off-shoulder sleeves drape on either side of a deep neckline edged in sleek lynx fur. The silvery fabric of the skirts has been gathered at the hip by a crystal crescent moon and overlain in pleated chiffon caught in chaotically-sewn glints of thunderstone chips.

With a noticeable grin and subtle adjustment of her skirts, she shrugs off the suggestions of the fashion pundits by declaring her conviction that spidersilk will be making a comeback and that, as far as she’s concerned, it’s “In!” for the season. A carefully timed turn of her ankle reveals a pair of lovely boots and she is keen to acknowledge the work of her cobbler: Laelithonel Asterfrost.

From her general mien, it isn’t hard to see that Tawariell takes good care of herself. As a healer, she knows the importance of taking time out to meditate and practice self-love. She appreciates the benefit of taking a break to spend time with friends and advocates going on an out-of-town adventure or even a short vacation, if time permits.

You can’t go around tending to e’eryone else all the time - take some time out of the day for yourself!

It is often stated that one should never discuss politics or religion in polite company. Having spent a delightful afternoon with the gracious Tawariell, one could argue that that is exactly when one should discuss both and I would urge you all to take some time out of YOUR day to do the same with Icemule’s charming new Mayor!

Hot Property and Hot Picks

Flashfeet recently announced that his boutique in Icemule Trace has benefited from a fresh coat of paint and a comprehensive new inventory of clothing and accessories. Tucked away at the south end of Elven Alley, his store carries a wide range of garments serving the needs of both the practical and elegant consumer. Each room features thick furs and hides, as well as soft wools and velvets, in a variety of cheery colors; everything you need to brighten up your day in the frigid climate of the north.

Our top ten fashionable favorites – all costing under 20,000 silvers - will hopefully see you through this current season and perhaps, as possible representations of the elements, get you noticed at FashionCon in the shining city of Ta'Illistim later this month.

The dwarven shopkeeper in Original Outfits is very welcoming to passing trade and is rightly proud of the unique clothing designs within. Of particular note are a high-necked shirt of soft evergreen wool and some black suede pants caught with horn buttons, both must-have items in any fashion-conscious wardrobe. The glass case boasts a fitted cornflower blue silk gown traced in pale gold and a cowled pale silver silk gown with an iridescent sheen, just perfect for the warmer climes of the Elven Nations at this time of year.

Accessories are essential, but only if they complement the outfit you are wearing. You can’t go wrong with a knotted navy blue silk shawl, a long-fringed saffron and beige wool scarf, or a blush-colored silk scarf fading into an ombre of ivory. All of these delightful items can be found on the pegs in the Traveller’s Togs section.

Easy to miss at first glance are a pair of metallic wine red lace ankle-boots as they’re tucked away on the narrow glass shelf at the back of the Fine Footwear room. Don’t let the smug-looking elven clerk put you off your purchases though!

Perfect for finishing off any elegant outfit, is an ivory-tailed blushed copper fox pendant, which can be found among the glittering wares of the Pins and Pendants showroom to the east.

And last, but by no means least, is a dark suede and leather jacket with branded cuffs, which takes pride of place in the Fine Fashions section at the entrance to the store.

Celebrating Fashion

FashionCon 5118 is only 3 weeks away and the excitement is building in Ailanthus Manor, the venue for this year’s celebration of fashion. The 3-day conference in Ta'Illistim will be filled with lectures, workshops and discussion groups, as well as the opportunity to socialise with fellow delegates at other fun events.

Learn more about general alterations, with hints and tips on how to get the most of out of your time with a merchant, as well as the art of accessorising. Take a closer look at the clothing, jewelry, and millinery of Joola and Veola. Try out a new hobby such as weaving, knitting or scrapbooking with everything provided. Participate in a siegery tournament with representatives of the fashionable elite and dance the night away in the ballroom.

Organisations who are interested in hosting events during the weekend are encouraged to complete a REGISTRATION FORM as soon as possible. It’s not too late to become involved!