Elanthian Vogue: Phoenatos 5119 (Duskruin Supplement)

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Editor: Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l

Editor's Thoughts

Hot on the elegant and glamorous heels of FashionCon 5119 comes the re-opening of the Bloodriven Village. Our daring reporter has once again ventured through its gates to bring you some of the latest "must-haves" from its nefarious outlets.

With an eye for the theme of the last Elanthian Vogue back in Koaratos, the emphasis will be on fashionable wares that work with a summer wardrobe and we start our outing in Lyswe Court. Don't be put off by the dilapidated state of many of the establishments around the village, many of them house some very interesting items worthy of attention.

Duskruin Supplement

Across the expansive courtyard is a boarded-up decrepit warehouse housing Covert Couriers where you can find a thick woolen tote buckled with a twist of smoky grey tiles for the bargain price of 125 scrip; a steal given its functionality as a smuggling sack.

Just off Lyswe Court is Gloam Pike that runs along the west side of the village. The dense conifer forests serve as backdrop to the three-story buildings lining the cobblestone road, one of which is a leaning stone shop with a blackened metal roof. Gamac's Goods boasts a number of interesting items for the discerning shopper starting with a veniom-caged gossamer caul that will keep your hair tidy (in two delightful styles) for 150 scrip. While there, pick up a pair of black leather ankle-boots set on low onyx heels (6x UAC) for only 10,000 scrip and a pair of lace-topped smoky silk stockings for a meagre 5 scrip.

Just off Gloam Pike, and running east to meet Blot Alley, is Copper Road. Stepping through the barred entrance of a nondescript building, you find yourself in the Autumnal Den where it is possible to find a mist blue satin kimono strewn with gilt-edged pink blossoms (5x). At a cost of only 3,000 bloodscrip, these very pretty robes have been touched by Imaera for a perfect nod towards the earth element and will call upon the powers of the forest for the wearer. While in the area, stop by the small whitewashed cottage and grab a kettle and some tea from Madder Hats Tea Room.

Back on Gloam Pike, in the shadow of a fragrant fir is a tiny thatched-roof shop called High Spirits. Avoiding the large rat's nest in the corner, you can find a pair of star-shaped gold mesh handflowers in the trunk for just 50 scrip. There’s a selection of runestones in the nearby case that happen to fit it perfectly. A small step away is a small whitewashed building well worth a visit if you happen to be a cobbler. Just For Kicks is selling a wide selection of heels and dyes for the low price of 25 and 2 scrip respectively.

At the sharply angled intersection with Faida Lane, the pathway is dusted with needles from a giant pine tree, so watch your step on the slippery cobbles. Near an arrow-shaped wooden sign pointing southeast is a tidy establishment. Under the Counter is perfect for those on a low budget selling a back-laced suede underbust harness with a woven side pouch for 10 scrip, a dusky leather cowl draping to an asymmetrical half-cape for 45 scrip, some leather pants with pouches woven into the leg fetters for 20 scrip and a pair of knee-high sepia boots with brass-buckled straps for only 18 scrip.

Continuing in a southeasterly direction, Faida Lane widens a little to reveal a canvas-topped alleyway shop called Shield Thyself. One garment in particular caught our reporter’s eye as being the perfect piece for this summer’s wardrobe. A geometric-patterned blue lamb's wool cape is part of the Shield Capes Collection and can be yours for 1000 scrip. Fitted with a steel-inlaid ebonwood bangle and a silver penannular brooch, the cape can be upgraded and altered in a number of ways, some of which can be quite expensive but no doubt worth the investment.

Opening up into Pell Square, we reach a more stately two-story house and the well-known purveyor of Accessories of Crime. Up the staircase and secreted in the ebonwood case on the window sill, is a delicate pale gold poison ring with a star-cut deep violet sapphire lid for 300 scrip. The ring has been adjusted to hold and discreetly deposit special poisons or antidotes. In the basket on the nearby table are some versatile hairpicks. For 150 scrip you can change your hair to be hanging in loose waves, with one side pulled back from the face and tucked up under a slender sapphire-set golvern hairpin.

If the earlier mentioned black leather ankle boots are too expensive for your taste, venture into the rough-hewn knotty pine hall and pick up some pale blue linen and suede handwraps for just 200 scrip from Bare Aggression Not only on trend at the moment but come with integral enchantment (4x) and cold flares.

Tucked away in Mark Alley is a whitewashed cobblestone building. The Sable Quietus is the home of the ingenious mask that protects you from poison and/or disease for the paltry sum of 2000 scrip. New to this shop is the Duskruin Plague Cowl that works with the mask when both worn at the same time. A thick midnight blue cowl could be yours for only 2000 scrip and when worn, it blocks visibility of some of your features. Their potential can be unlocked for a further 5000 scrip.

Again, for those with limited funds, a visit to the dark stone building on Faida Lane is highly recommended. Bloodriven Bowery is not particularly clean but the scent of wood shavings and oil lingering in the air is a marker for the talents of the proprietor. Reasonably priced archery equipment and supplies notwithstanding, pick up an off-shoulder naval blue leather blouse and a pair of distressed kohl-dyed nubuck trousers for only 5 scrip each, and a fur-framed black leather coat slit high at the hip and a bas-relief blackthorn thigh-quiver for 25 scrip each.

At the junction of Faida Lane and Bailey Park is a glass-fronted red maoral salon called The Best Tressed; the perfect stop for someone looking to temporarily change their hairstyle. We spotted a very pretty Hair flower, a snowy-grooved vibrant indigo iris, that could be yours for just 75 scrip, and a pale ginger blonde wig (hip length, pale ginger blonde hair finely plaited with complex raw silk ribbons) for a mere 50 scrip.

Tall conifers rise above an uneven stone wall that serves as the village's southern-most border. At its end is a narrow building, the home of the Whisper cloak. In the Men's Room of The Cover Up is an ebon-sheened indigo fustian shroud with pewter threading, yours for only 75 scrip. For 1100 scrip, you could buy a long onyx fur cloak draped with narrow chains on the shoulders and demonstrate a little more flair. Alternatively, in the Women's Room, there's a bell-sleeved ashen byssine robe with subtle fretwork details for 75 scrip.

Remember, as always, that these are only available for a limited time, so grab them while you can and there is no guarantee they will be there the next time Bloodriven Village opens its gates.

That said, with a hint of what is coming up in next month’s Elanthian Vogue, you should stop by The Librarium on Copper Road which stocks a small range of reading material for those with a scholarly bent. For 250 scrip you could demonstrate your bohemian nature and knowledge of literature, poetry, music and fine art. Speaking of art, don’t forget to pick up your supplies (easels, canvas and paintbrushes) from A Moment in Time.