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As part of the Elanthian Fashion Week scene, the The Looking Glass are pleased to announce the return of FashionCon, a 3-day conference to celebrate culture and fashion. Expect a weekend filled with lectures, workshops and discussion groups, as well as the opportunity to socialise with fellow delegates at parties and other fun events.

The conference will be held against the backdrop of shimmering blue spires, majestic marble bridges, and beautiful gardens of Ta'Illistim

Programme of Events

Organisations who are interested in participating and hosting events, please complete a REGISTRATION FORM.

Day of the Huntress, 2nd day of Phoenatos to Restday, 4th day of Phoenatos (Friday, August 2nd to Sunday, August 4th)

All times Eastern

Date Time Event Host/s Venue Decription
Day of the Huntress (Friday), 2nd 6pm Registration and Champagne Reception Elanthian Elegance, The Looking Glass Ailanthus Manor, Mirrored Hall CONFERENCE OPENS. RAFFLE for a special case of Prestige Champagne.
7pm LECTURE Order of the Silver Gryphon Ailanthus Manor, Classroom Imperial Combat Attire: A western perspective of a "Warrior's Wardrobe" incorporating the classic elements with Avalera Lesander.
8pm LECTURE Alliance of High Elven Society Ailanthus Manor, Classroom A Visual Fashion Tour: Take a visual trip through the history of Elven culture with fashions through the ages as a guide. Join the Alliance of High Elven Society as they welcome Lord Dexrael Lucaryn Vaalor to speak on the various trends from millenia to millenia and how the Elves influenced many throughout the world.
9pm LECTURE House Paupers and Argent Aspis Ailanthus Manor, Classroom Costuming for Performance: When performing (such as at Bardfest), what you wear is as important to the performance as the song or story itself. Join Paupers' Chatelaine Traiva, a Bardfest winner and judge, for a session on what to consider while preparing your costume. Bardfest 5119 competitors are highly encouraged to attend!
10pm Stars Under the Stars The TownCrier Ta'Illistim Amphitheater, Weyr Var The TownCrier Presents: A Concert of star-studded performances for your appreciation under the twinkling summer sky in the beautiful Ta'Illistim Amphitheatre.
Feastday (Saturday), 3rd 9am
10am LECTURE Elanthian Elegance Ailanthus Manor, Classroom The Long and the Short of It OR Alteration 101: An IC class about general alterations with hints and tips on how to get the most of out of your time with a merchant. SPIN Two lucky delegates will win an elemental-themed morphing gown courtesy of Elanthian Elegance.
11am WORKSHOP The Looking Glass Ailanthus Manor, Studio Style and Expression: An informal brainstorming session for creating alteration ideas.
Noon Picnic Lunch Ailanthus Manor, Garden Join delegates for a casual picnic lunch in the garden
1pm LECTURE Elanthian Elegance Ailanthus Manor, Classroom Second Nature: The world of fashion often draws heavily upon the natural world to drive its creativity. This lecture looks at some of the techniques for creating original and beautiful, nature-inspired designs.
3pm WORKSHOP The Looking Glass Ailanthus Manor, Studio A look at crafting skills and their fashion potential with demonstrations of artisan crafted wares. RAFFLE for a full set of weaving tools.
4pm Refreshment Break Tea will be available in the Orangery
5pm DISCUSSION House Sylvanfair Ailanthus Manor, Orangery An informal gathering and swap meet to discuss fashion in miniature. Bring your Whax doll and trade accessories!
7pm An Elemental Affair Ilyan Syndicate Ailanthus Manor, Mirrored Hall Join the Ilyan Syndicate as they host a Gala of 'elemental' nature. Guests should don their best impressions of the four basic elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air). A fifth category will be reserved for other widely accepted elements of Elanthia. Best in show of each category will receive a prize.
10pm LECTURE Faendryl Enclave Ailanthus Manor, Classroom Faendryl Fashion Houses: An introduction to Faendryl fashion houses and an overview of some of the most notable houses with particular attention to their distinctive elements.
Restday (Sunday), 4th 9am WORKSHOP The Looking Glass Ailanthus Manor, Garden An early morning meditation. Dress comfortably. SPIN One lucky participant will win a bag of meditative practice items.
10am LECTURE Elanthian Elegance Ailanthus Manor, Classroom The Art of Accessorizing: A look at accessories and how to use them. This class will focus on hats, gloves, canes, fans etc. RAFFLE for a Vanne fan.
11am WORKSHOP The Looking Glass Ailanthus Manor, Studio An informal workshop on how to create a fashion folio or scrapbook. Everything you need to get started will be supplied.
1pm LECTURE Elanthian Elegance Ailanthus Manor, Classroom Ooh La La!: Continuing with the series, this IC class will look at the clothing, jewelry, and millinery of Joola and Veola. SPIN One lucky delegate will win a fully altered and unlocked Veola courtesy of House Sylvanfair.
3pm DISCUSSION Elanthian Elegance, The Looking Glass Ailanthus Manor, Orangery An informal and open discussion about fashion in Elanthia and a chance to share your style stories. RAFFLE for a set of special Ta'Illistim perfumes.
4pm Refreshment Break Tea will be available in the Orangery
6pm Fashion Wars! Revenge of the Fashionistas House Sylvanfair, Elanthian Elegance, The Looking Glass Ta'Illistim Green A return of the siegery tournament with representatives of the fashionable elite. Announcement and presentation of the Chalat Award. CONFERENCE CLOSES.


This year's theme is "The Classic Elements" of earth, air, fire, and water.

Fire transforms us
Air moves us
Water shapes us
Earth heals us

Chalat Award: High Lady Avawren Fiora Nalfein and Lord Daevian Corwyth Vaalor

Awarded in honor of Chalat Greyvael Illistim, Former First Couturier of the Argentate


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