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An Elemental Runestaff takes on the appearance "an ancient glowbark runestaff" and is part of a set known as the elemental runestaves.

  • They were auctioned off in 2006 during the Ebon Gate festival
  • The staff is of natural glowbark enchantment (+22)
  • The spellcasting properties will only respond to a wizard of proper attunement wielding the stave
    • Example: Only an earth wizard can use the earth staff
    • This henceforth will be considered an active stave
  • A wielder may WAVE an active stave to cast the currently set spell
  • A wielder may TURN an active stave to change the spell that is set
  • A wielder may GAZE at the stave to view the currently set spell
  • When all four staves gather they will automatically create a mana focus

Elemental Combinations

When more than one active staves is in the same room, you can TURN the staff to change the spell it will cast. Below are the various spells resulting from elemental combinations that are available.

Base Elemental Spells

  • Air - Hand of Tonis
  • Earth - Hurl Boulder
  • Fire - Major Fire
  • Water - Major Cold

Elemental Combination Spells

  • Air/Earth - Sandstorm
  • Air/Fire - Firecloud
  • Air/Water - Major Shock
  • Earth/Fire - Boil Earth
  • Earth/Water - Major Acid
  • Fire/Water - Steam Bolt

Scripts and Usage


>raise my rune
You raise your runestaff skyward!  Immediately the gold blazestar atop your runestaff begins spinning rapidly, emitting a radiant gold glow!


>gaze my rune
As you gaze into the gold blazestar cap of your runestaff, tiny, brilliant specks of light trace a symbol for "Hurl Boulder" before fading away.


With no other activated runestaff present:

>turn my rune
You wave your hand around the gold blazestar magically suspended at the top of your runestaff.  Tiny specks of light flare up inside the jewel, spiralling about in a brilliant veil of color before subsiding once again into a gold glimmer.

With another activated runestaff present:

  • TBD


Acts much like a wand:

>stance offensive
>wave my rune at comb
You are now in an offensive stance.
You wave your runestaff at a triton combatant.
You hurl a large boulder at a triton combatant!
  AS: +551 vs DS: +301 with AvD: +22 + d100 roll: +37 = +309
   ... and hit for 154 points of damage!
   Massive blow to back separates vertebrae!
   The triton combatant is knocked to the ground!
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.