Empathic Focus (1109)

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Empathic Focus (1109)
Mnemonic [FOCUS]
Base Duration 1200 sec
Added Duration 60 sec per Empath Base rank
Span Stackable
Combat Magic - Defense Enhancement
Type TD (spiritual), DS (Generic)
Combat Magic - Offense Enhancement
Type AS (Melee)
Availability Self-cast
Empath Base Spells
Harm (1101) Attack
Heal (1101) Healing
Limb Repair (1102) Healing
System Repair (1103) Healing
Head Repair (1104) Healing
Organ Repair (1105) Healing
Bone Shatter (1106) Attack
Adrenal Surge (1107) Utility
Empathy (1108) Attack
Empathic Focus (1109) Defensive
Empathic Assault (1110) Attack
Limb Scar Repair (1111) Healing
System Scar Repair (1112) Healing
Head Scar Repair (1113) Healing
Organ Scar Repair (1114) Healing
Wither (1115) Attack
Rapid Healing (1116) Healing
Empathic Link (1117) Attack
Herb Production (1118) Utility
Strength of Will (1119) Defensive
Sympathy (1120) Attack
Troll's Blood (1125) Healing
Intensity (1130) Defensive
Solace (1140) Healing
Regeneration (1150) Healing

Empathic Focus allows the caster to recall past injuries and transform his or her memories into a beneficial focus, providing a +15 bonus to a player's spiritual target defense (TD), a +25 bonus to generic defensive strength (DS), and a +15 bonus to melee attack strength (AS). This spell also adds to general maneuver defense.

The spell will protect the user from a standard maneuver if the maneuver is able to be evaded, and the spells Elemental Wave (410) and Major Elemental Wave (435). In addition, it provides an unknown defensive benefit against SMRv2 spells and maneuvers.

Training in the Empath Base spell circle increases the DS bonus by +1 for every 2 ranks known over 1109, with the benefit capped at level. The mana cost of the spell increases by 1 mana for every additional +3 DS.


Spell Starting

You center yourself and focus your concentration.

Extending the Duration

You center yourself and renew your concentration.

Spell Ending

Your mind's keen focus fades away.