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Enhancive swapping is a special merchant service in which one enhancive bonus is swapped for another bonus from a pre-approved list on a single item.

This DOES NOT mean the enhancive from one item can be taken off an put onto another. The closest service/item to incorporate that concept is fusion.

Approved Swaps for CCF, RTCF, and Sylinar's Spire

  • Strength to Wisdom (one to another)
  • Constitution, Dexterity, Agility, or Discipline (any one to another)
  • Logic, Intuition, or Influence (any one to another)
  • Any Weapons Skill, Except TWC or Multi-Opponent Combat, (any one to another)
  • Magic Item Use to Arcane Symbols (one to another)
  • Mana Controls - Elemental, Spiritual, Mental (one to another)
  • Any Lores (any one to another)


Spell knowledge enhancives are not allowed in any sort of swapping. All restrictions on an item will remain. Enhancives must remain in the same increments, meaning no changing ranks to bonus. Item's that can't be recharged are not eligible. Fusion items are not eligible. Edible items are not eligible. Temp enhancives are not eligible (like the dachre). No scripted items that are hard coded enhancives (black ora weapons and some of the orbs offered at various Ebon Gate auctions in 2006/2009).