Sylinar's Spire

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Most services of the original Sylinar's Spire event are currently available in an automated, a la carte fashion, at the Return to Summit Academy!

Sylinar's Spire is a recurring pay event for enhancives that began in November 2014. A ticket costs $29.99 and additional tickets may be purchased during the event. Each ticket provides three services in any combination and a stylized golden griffin pin.

Using the MERCHANT verb at the appropriate time will take ticket holders to the grounds from any town. All characters from the purchasing account will be able to access the grounds during the event.

Official description from GM Liia

Somewhere in the northern Dragonspine, there existed a school for the advanced teaching of alchemy, prestidigitation, and thaumaturgy. Young wizards traveled from across the lands to study and practice with the greatest magical masters. Rare ingredients were shared, incantations were whispered around warm fires, and apprentices, in time, became masters themselves. But over the years, the halls grew silent. The students no longer came. The old masters moved on, or retired to the cold stone towers. Eventually, even the name of the school itself was lost to antiquity…

Except for Sylinar, professor and librarian. Sylinar, whose home has been the tower that bears his name since a time few can recall. The venerable professor and cataloger of the magical annals has descended the spiraling stairs of the Spire, eager to raise funds in the hope of restoring the institution to its former greatness. Sylinar will open his doors to a small number of curious adventurers, offering a glimpse of his home and a taste of his magical skill.

Up to 50 adventurers can sign up for each of Sylinar’s four-hour tours. There is a three service limit for each account. Offered services are adding up to ten (10) charges to recharge an enhancive item, adding ten (10) charges or 10% of maximum charge capacity (whichever is greater) to an enhancive item, making a crumbly enhancive item permanent (will not crumble after last charge is used), or removing a single enhancive property from an item.

There will be a few shops to peruse, including items such as enhancive edibles, basic clothing, climate wear, scrolls, and scroll tubes.

Finally, every visitor will receive a special item free of charge: a stylized golden griffin pin. This item will hide any worn, non-container, non-combat gear, non-scripted enhancive item, as well as being able to indicate if a held item is enhancive.

A fifth service of enhancive swapping was added later.

If one wanted enhancive permanence and removal on a single item, that would count as two services.


Spire grounds.jpg

Merchant Notice

You have received zero merchant services. The Sylinar's Spire event has a service limit of three account wide. You may choose from:

1. Make an enhancive item that would currently crumble when the last charge is expended not crumble
2. Increase the total charge pool of an enhancive item by 10 charges or 10%, whichever is greater
3. Recharge an enhancive item by 10 charges up to the item's maximum
4. Remove a single enhancive property from an item
5. Enhancive swapping within these categories:

A. Strength to Wisdom (one to another)
B. Constitution, Dexterity, Agility, or Discipline (any one to another)
C. Logic, Intuition, or Influence (any one to another)
D. Any Weapons Skill plus Spell Aiming, Except TWC or Multi-Opponent Combat, (any one to another)
E. Magic Item Use to Arcane Symbols (one to another)
F. Mana Controls - Elemental, Spiritual, Mental (one to another)
G. Any Lores (any one to another)

Conditions (from Officials): Spell knowledge enhancives are not allowed in any sort of swapping. All restrictions on an item will remain. Enhancives must remain in the same increments, meaning no changing ranks to bonus. Item's that can't be recharged are not eligible. Fusion items (including orbs) are not eligible. Edible items are not eligible. Temp enhancives are not eligible (like the dachre). No scripted items that are hard coded enhancives (black ora weapons and some of the orbs offered at various Ebon Gate auctions in 2006/2009).

You can have the same service done three times if you desire.

Be sure to get every item loresung to ensure the service was done properly before the event is over. Sometimes Sylinar (or his assistant) will believe the service has been completed, but items can be stubborn. If an enhancive is swapped, for example, within the weapons category, where a character must have "a large amount of (weapon) training" to use, make sure Sylinar has changed the restriction to the new weapon skill.

Spire Denizens

You see Master Sylinar the Librarian.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is very tall and appears to be wizened with age. He has deep-set milky blue eyes and pale, wrinkled skin. He has very long, straight white hair braided down his back and tied with a silver cord. He has a bony face, a hooked nose and a slightly hunched back. His white beard is very long, ending in a point near his waist. Perched precariously on the tip of his nose, he wears a pair of small round spectacles that look as though they may fall off at any moment. He is in good shape.
He is wearing a stylized golden griffin pin, a hooded grey wool cloak lined with thick fur, a long cloth-of-silver robe trimmed with deep blue velvet, a midnight blue velvet pouch, and some tall black leather boots trimmed with white yeti fur.

You see Apprentice Amear.
He appears to be a Dwarf.
He is short and appears to be middle-aged. He has deep set cobalt blue eyes and pale, dry skin. He has very long, wiry white hair worn braided down the length of his back. He has a bony face, a broad nose and a bushy moustache. His thick white beard is neatly gathered in a bone clip.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a long grey wool tunic, a wide black leather belt with a square iron buckle, some shaggy bearskin leggings, and a pair of fur-lined boots.

A majestic golden griffin
The golden griffin is a magnificent beast, as if designed by the gods to embody fierce and graceful predation. Its front legs, forebody, wings, and head are those of a great eagle, complete with large powder-blue feathers and aquiline beak. The rear half of the creature's body is that of a powerful lion, with short, sandy blonde fur and a long feline tail. A tendril of electricity snakes across one outstretched claw as the golden griffin glares about with its piercing blue eyes.


Zakabie's Summit Academy Cart

Welcome to Zakabie's Summit Academy Cart!

Zakabie offers his menu to browse.
Zakabie exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a cup of mulled apple cider (500)   4. some apple-cranberry cobbler (300)
  2. a gingerbread griffin cookie (300)  5. some roasted chestnuts (200)
  3. some creamy hot cocoa (500)        

Inventory within the Spire

Griffin pins are located on the 5th floor

[Sylinar's Spire, Reference]

On the solid walnut table you see
a kidskin scroll pouch belt, medium, functional 10k
a boiled leather scroll cylinder
an embossed scroll tube
a glazed leather scroll case
All spells 10 charges unless otherwise noted.
In the wood cabinet you see
a tanned goatskin scroll
(101) Spirit Warding I
(107) Spirit Warding II
(103) Spirit Defense
(202) Spirit Shield
18k a long strip of very thin papyrus
(401) Elemental Defense I
(406) Elemental Defense II
(503) Thurfel's Ward
(509) Strength
a charred centaur hide parchment
(601) Natural Colors
(602) Resist Elements
(113) UnDisease
(114) UnPoison
20k a bleached velnalin hide vellum
(1601) Mantle of Faith
(1604) Consecrate
(1607) Rejuvenation
(1711) Mystic Focus (5 charges)

[Sylinar's Spire, Restricted]

:>read plac :In the Common language, it reads: :~Warm clothing for cold Dragonspine weather~
On the wooden table you see
some soft black suede gloves lined with lynx fur hand, non-func. 5k
a grey velvet bodice back-laced with ebon cord chest, non-func. 10k
a fitted grey linen shirt with tawny laces chest, non-func. 10k
a long black velvet skirt edged with silver knotwork legs, non-func. 10k
some black suede pants with bronze hip buckles legs, non-func. 10k
a pair of dove grey stockings legs, non-func. 8k
some finespun grey wool socks feet, layer under shoes, non-func. 8k
some tall black leather boots lined with lynx fur feet, nonc-func. 15k

[Sylinar's Spire, Creatures]

:>read plac :In the Common language, it reads: :Preferred climate wear, only 100,000 silvers.
On the caribou antlers you see
a heavy black wool cloak Cloak-worn, significant 100k
a silk-lined hunter green cloak
a rhimar blue suede cloak
On the velnalin antlers you see
a high-collared black leather coat Cloak-worn , significant 100k
a finespun grey wool coat
a tailored tawny leather coat

[Sylinar's Spire, Alchemy]

:>read char :In the Common language, it reads: :Each item on the tables contains five drinks or bites. Please choose your ingredients based on the following elucidation:
Smaragdine flask +5 Stalking/Hiding Bonus, +5 Discipline 60k
Ianthine flask +5 Dexterity, +5 Spell Aiming Bonus 60k
Mazarine flask +5 Physical Fitness Bonus, +5 Survival Bonus 45k
Amaranthine flask +5 Influence, +5 Trading Bonus 45k
Ultramarine flask +1 Spirit Recovery 150k
Puniceous alembic +5 Agility, +5 Dodging Bonus 60k
Melichrous alembic +5 Combat Maneuvers Bonus, +5 Stamina Recovery 60k
Glaucous alembic +5 Strength, +5 Health Recovery 160k
Brunneous alembic +5 Armor Use Bonus, +5 Shield Use Bonus 85k
Luteous alembic +5 Dexterity, +5 Two Weapon Combat Bonus 60k
Shriveled berry +5 Arcane Symbols Bonus, +5 Magic Item Use Bonus 100k
Fleshy berry +5 Harness Power Bonus, +5 Elemental Mana Control Bonus 60k
Plump berry +5 Harness Power Bonus, +5 Mental Mana Control Bonus 60k
Bulbous berry +5 Harness Power Bonus, +5 Spirit Mana Control Bonus 60k
Juicy berry +5 Max Mana, +5 Mana Recovery 145k
Bolete mushroom +2 each to the Elemental Lore Bonuses: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water 50k
Golden morel mushroom +3 each to the Spiritual Lore Bonuses: Blessings, Religion, and Summoning 65k
Shaggy mane mushroom +5 each to the Sorcerous Lore Bonuses: Demonology and Necromancy 105k
Black trumpet mushroom +2 each to the Mental Lore Bonuses: Divination, Manipulation, Telepathy, Transference, and Transformation 55k
>eat my mus
You take a bite of your shaggy mane mushroom.
YUCK!  That stuff tastes horrible!
You feel a bit more skilled in Sorcerous Demonology Lore.
You feel a bit more skilled in Sorcerous Necromancy Lore.
You have only about 9 bites left.


You feel a bit less skilled in Sorcerous Demonology Lore.
You feel a bit less skilled in Sorcerous Necromancy Lore.