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The High End Scrip Shop, also known as HESS, originated during the August 2015 run of Duskruin as a higher end bloodscrip auction. Over the years, it has grown to offer services and some items through certificates.

General Information

The High End Scrip Shop offers certificates to improve an adventurer's current gear, purchase ores to create weapons or armor from rare materials, or purchase a rare artifact. Prices range from 15k bloodscrip to 500k bloodscrip. The shop itself generally opens 1-2 days after the opening night of each Duskruin run.


The High End Scrip Shop can be found at the northern most portion of the lower ring within Duskruin Arena, marked by the yellow H on the map.

HESS Lists

Additional Information


A perky bearded dabbler premiered through the curtain of the High End Scrip Shop at the August 2020 run of Duskruin Arena. The automated item property removal service takes bloodscrip, and costs 5000 bs to remove properties of mechanical value, but only 1000 bs to remove fluff (non-mechanical) properties. The dabbler does not work on items with temporary properties.

There is also a Dabbler at Ebon Gate in Quinton Manse. Look for a diminutive korrigan.

Unrelatedly, the dabbler will buy Treasure Trove raffle tokens for 125 bs.

Big Spin Nights

Starting with the August 2021 run of Duskruin, a new way to offer the higher end, more limited items for sale at the HESS was tested as a means to even out distribution. Anything that had not been sold during this process was re-offered in the HESS afterwards.

Refund Policy

Posted by GM Thandiwe on the official Discord.

Below is a list of the rules for refunds that were given to the players:

We are updating the refund policy on item and service purchases at Duskruin.

Our refund fee will be 10% flat from now on. We're also tightening the timelines here. HESS purchases can only be refunded within 24 hours of the service being applied.

Here is a list of other refunds.

No refunds beyond 24 hours after general purchases. No fee on purchases made within 24-hours that are a mistake.
No refunds on items purchased during previous runs. This has always been the policy, just repeating it.
No refunds on Mania items. This includes refunds on other items because of your Mania win.
No refunds on WPS services. If you make a mistake on type, please ASSIST.
As long as you ASSIST with the refund request before the 24-hour mark, it is considered within that window.

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