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Enhancive services are services that can be done by a merchant, either manually or automated, to improve the enhancives on an item. These services generally cannot be used for items in which a script handles the enhancives.


Enhancive permanence will make a crumbly enhancive item permanent. This service has been offered at various venues over the years, though most recently at HESS during Duskruin, and at Ebon Gate with the reintroduction of Sylinar.


Enhancive protection premiered at Ebon Gate 2018. When applied to an item, it will prevent one crumble event from happening when the item runs out of charges (i.e., it will make the item temporarily persist). This is considered a much lesser version of enhancive permanence.

Max Charge Pool Increase

Max Charge Pool Increases allow enhancives to hold more charges. This service had been offered at Sylinar's Spire. The service is currently available through HESS as a certificate, and increases the pool's max charges and current charges by 50, up to a max of 500. Sylinar's return to Ebon Gate reintroduces his original service capability of increasing the pool of an enhancive item by 10 charges or 10%, whichever is greater.


Enhancive recharging recharges an enhancive. This can be done throughout the year at the Adventurer's Guild for bounty points, or silvers at towards the end of the year. It is also offered via various other merchant events, including through Sylinar at Ebon Gate.


Enhancive removal removes a single, non-negative enhancive trait from an item. This has been offered at Sylinar's Spire, HESS, and Ebon Gate.


Enhancive swapping is a special merchant service in which one enhancive bonus is swapped for another bonus from a pre-approved list on a single item. This DOES NOT mean the enhancive from one item can be taken off an put onto another. The closest service/item to incorporate that concept is fusion. This service has been featured at CCF, RTCF, Sylinar's Spire, and Ebon Gate.

At Ebon Gate, this service was able to be performed on premium enhancives and fusion orbs.

Approved Swaps

Note: This list has been updated for Ebon Gate.


Spell knowledge enhancives are not allowed in any sort of swapping. All restrictions on an item will remain. Enhancives must remain in the same increments, meaning no changing ranks to bonus. Items that can't be recharged are not eligible. Edible items are not eligible. Temp enhancives are not eligible (like the dachre). No scripted items that are hard coded enhancives (black ora weapons and some of the orbs offered at various Ebon Gate auctions in 2006/2009).


Enhancive boosting is offered at HESS during Duskruin, and can be used to boost an item's existing recovery (excluding spirit), base stat (not bonus), or skill bonus (not rank). This is not to be confused with enhancive boosts, which are Login Rewards.