Erulk's Fishing Gear

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Erulk's Fishing Gear is a shop in the Ravelin, around Ta'Vaalor, that sells fishing supplies. It is located on the dock down and southeast from Wyvern Plaza. There is a table with free food on the porch through the arch of the gallery.

Erulk's Fishing Gear, Entry

[Erulk's Fishing Gear, Entry] RNUM: u14201030
Woven mats of patterned cotton are scattered across the floor between crates and cases of fishing gear on display, creating a soft covering that still shows off the wood beneath. A chandelier-style lamp with a trio of frosted glaes orbs is suspended from a thick faenor chain above the polished linden counter in the center of the room. Tall wicker barrels filled with a wide variety of rods are tucked between two large arched windows that allow the cool river breeze to circulate throughout the shop.
Obvious exits: east, out


  1. a gold-swept crimson fishing rod    12. a fuzzy fly lure
  2. a long thin silver fishing rod      13. an opalescent mosquito lure
  3. a silver-chased black fishing rod   14. a shiny silver lure
  4. a spool of thin fishing line        15. a dark beetle lure
  5. a spool of dark fishing line        16. a wriggly star-shaped lure
  6. a spool of thick fishing line       17. a glimmering silver fish lure
  7. a spool of thin wire                18. a tiny chunk of meat
  8. a spool of dark wire                19. a tiny fish-head
  9. a spool of thin steel wire          20. a fat wriggly nightcrawler
  10. a tiny silver weight               21. a small rhimar-lined chest
  11. a small silver weight              22. a large rhimar-lined chest

Erulk's Fishing Gear, Gallery

Directions: east from entry

[Erulk's Fishing Gear, Gallery] RNUM: u14201031
Pieces of well-used fishing net draped over wide fel rafters create a spotted canopy for a long crystal aquarium. Dozens of stuffed fish stare blankly out over the dock from a wide window above their wooden display case. The sound of water rhythmically lapping at the pilings drifts in though a large archway at the back of the room. Hanging just to the left of the arch is a large thanot-framed painting.
Obvious exits: west

Erulk's Fishing Gear, Porch

Directions: go archway

[Erulk's Fishing Gear, Porch] RNUM: u14201032
Heavy fishing rope sections off a small porch area at the back of the shop. Refreshing drinks sit on a small birch table with fish-shaped legs next to an intricately knotted hammock that stretches from the side of the building to a tall piling. The moist river air cools the area as the water beneath moves with hypnotic rhythm. Tiny river birds dance in the air as they snatch up the various insects drawn to the area. You also see an archway leading into the shop (14201031, open).


On the small birch table you see: a glass of fruity rum punch, an iced lemon juice cocktail, a shot of mint-laced rum, a berry-filled lemon finger cookie, and a mint and dark chocolate bar.