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A listing of all town shops currently located in the Ravelin, in Ta'Vaalor. Each shop will have a listing of its current inventory.

Shop Name Realm Type Inventory Sold Shop Specialty
Erulk's Fishing Gear Ta'Vaalor shop fishing supplies
Jidrael's General Shop Ta'Vaalor shop general goods
Kreldor's Locksmithy Ta'Vaalor shop locksmith supplies
Lilly's Tavern Ta'Vaalor eatery beverages
Natulcien's Healer Hall Ta'Vaalor shop herbs
Ravelin Harvest Ta'Vaalor shop groceries
Seregon's Leathers Ta'Vaalor shop armor, general goods leather-made items
The Woodsman's Chisel Ta'Vaalor shop tableware

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