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Everblood is a substance that causes physical injuries to rapidly heal and provides a form of near immortality. While it is nominally similar and related to troll blood, it is ultimately rooted in demon blood. Everblood is one of many variants of the epochxin family of poisons or blood curses. It is very nearly the same substance as epochxin itself. Alchemically, the essence of Everblood is simply distilled epochxin, in its base form. Their effects are believed to be exactly opposite because of how they interact with the body. When the epochxin ("epoch toxin") venom is inflicted on a victim, they rapidly age and crumble. Whereas Everblood causes the body to temporally revert to its state before injury was inflicted. Halting the epochxin progression with an anti-Everblood agent causes the victim to essentially be frozen in time, such as with Larsya Caulfield. But their mind is not spared from halted time.

Everblood was first known to exist in Drangell, who the witch Raznel had cursed. Drangell was transformed into a troll, and Thrayzar was transformed into an orc. They were simultaneously afflicted by yellow fog from Raznel breaking a bone talisman when they arrived to her cabin, attempting to assassinate her as part of the Ivory Thorns. (This has been implied to be related to Raznel's responsibility for the death of the Turamzzyrian crown princess Mynalari, one of the elder siblings of Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles.) While Drangell had his troll form removed by the Tehir Spiritcaller Akhash in 5111 Modern Era and was imprisoned again, it was discovered about a year later when injured in his cell that his healing powers remained. Everblood was also the basis for Grishom Stone's "flesh golems", which are simulacra of himself, after Grishom released Drangell from his first prison.

While Thrayzar later gained his own temporal fluctuations and ability to self-resurrect through temporal reversion, as a result of experiments on him by "The Alchemist" Praxopius Fortney, Drangell was the one who possessed extreme healing like a super-charged form of troll blood. Grishom Stone would later give himself Everblood by taking some from Drangell, which has allowed him to survive, such as during his capture and extreme torture by Nysorm in Winter's Manor. The Everblood was later taken from Drangell in 5116 Modern Era, and ingested by the Blameless crusaders and their leader Prelate Chaston Griffin, who was being used and manipulated by the witch Raznel. Raznel left a pack in the Hendoran outpost outside Wehnimer's Landing with an alchemical formula on it that turned out to be an anti-Everblood poison. When those with Everblood are injured with this agent, they eventually melt and collapse into black goo. The very same formula with only minor adjustments turned out to also be the cure to Raznel's "black blood curse" on the half-elves and the agent for halting the progression of epochxin. The blackblood curse variant was used to create the Bleaklands.

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