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Fearling Pass map by Nihrvanah

This category lists all creatures found in the Fethayl Bog hunting area. The Fethayl Bog hunting area is nearest to the town of Ta'Vaalor. It is found on the Tsoran map EN-fearling.

Fethayl Bog is a dark, dank, morose swamp outside the city-fortress of Ta'Vaalor. Submersed deep within the bog is a decrepit mausoleum which fuels the undead inhabitants of the marsh. Signs of life such as a hovel, benches, and grave sites suggest that the bog was not always as foul as its current state.

The bog is a mid-level hunting ground. Three undead creatures reside in the swamp, which is accessible by climbing down a deep gully near the Order of Voln off the Fearling Pass northwest of the city.

Although the bog is considered to be a mid-level hunting ground, it should be noted that it is the most difficult in the Ta'Vaalor area, so assistance may be hard to come by.

Hunting information

  • There is a section of mud that an adventurer must cross to traverse the two sections of the bog. This causes a 15–20 second roundtime. Water Walking (112) and the survival skill will have a reducing effect on the roundtime. PEERing through the mud will show if it is safe to cross.
  • An adventurer in the Fethayl Bog can be diseased by a mosquito bite:
One of the zillions of mosquitoes pervading the air decides to take a bite out of you!  Pesky little..
Diseased!  Taking 15 damage per round.  Dissipating 3 per round.
  • An adventurer in the Fethayl Bog can have leeches attach to them, which require removal via a dagger-based weapon, or blood will be drawn over time. The leeches will eventually fill themselves and fall off. Messaging for the leeches:
You feel something slimy on you, and glance down to notice a large slimy leech attached to your skin.  Eww!
You feel a bit weaker as a large slimy leech draws the blood from your body.
>get dagger
You remove a drake dagger from in your shadowy black hood.
>remove leech
Using your drake dagger, you carefully scrape the leech from your skin.
  • After death, an adventurer can be buried underneath the surface of the bog and hidden from view, making rescue difficult. The Symbol of Need will still show other Order of Voln members where the adventurer is located. The body will need to be SEARCHed out of hiding when found.

Area messaging

A brisk wind whistles by, causing frantic ripples to dance over the brackish water.

A chorus of tree frogs begins murmuring in a rough harmony.

A few thin tendrils of mist rise up from the mud, resembling ghostly fingers before they fade into the air.

A gust of howling wind blows past you, causing the bare and brittle treetops to rattle loudly against each other.

A shrill cry pierces the swamp, momentarily silencing the wildlife.

A small black shape darts from a clump of reeds, disappearing into the swamp.

An unearthly moaning echoes around you, dispelling any sense of peace and security from the area.

The low growl of a predatory beast drifts through the swamp.

A quiet hiss can be heard from within the log, casting an ominous silence upon the area. (Snake room only)

Overhead, a large snake undulates slowly along a tree branch. (Snake room only)

Landmarks and other information

  • An underground crypt, which can be found through an opening near an oak tree, within the Fethayl Bog can be used as a resting spot.
  • A small swamp rose may be PLUCKed from a thriving swamp rosebush in the southeastern section of the bog.


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