Symbol of Need

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Order of Voln - edit
Voln, the Great Spirit
The History of the Order of Voln
Favor Undead
Voln armor
1. Recognition 2. Blessing
3. Thought 4. Diminishment
5. Courage 6. Protection
7. Submission 8. Kai's Strike
9. Holiness 10. Recall
11. Sleep 12. Transcendence
13. Mana 14. Sight
15. Retribution 16. Supremacy
17. Restoration 18. Need
19. Renewal 20. Disruption
21. Kai's Smite 22. Turning
23. Preservation 24. Dreams
25. Return 26. Seeking

Step 18

The Symbol of Need, governed by Lord Jastev, is obtained at the eighteenth step of the Order of Voln. This powerful symbol sends an image of the member's location to all other members within range. Since it can be used while dead, it affords a fallen victim a method to signal for help. There are, however, some locations where the symbol will not completely function (A Symbol of Need can be received but there is no associated location transmitted with it).

This call for aid is often answered by clerics, empaths and others who will attempt to reach the member and provide assistance. These rescuers will often transport the deceased member back to a safe location for healing and resurrection.


Symbol of Need (not case sensitive, can be abbreviated)


The Symbol of Need begins to burn in your mind and an image appears before you of <Voln member>...

Often followed by a room description at the member's location.

Favor Cost


Favor cost is based on the member's level. See Table for specific examples. Symbol of Need has a relative cost of 4x Symbol of Protection. In other words, 1 use of Need has the same favor cost as 4 activations of Symbol of Protection.

Favor Required to Obtain Symbol of Need

Formula: 1700 + (( level2 × 30 ) ÷ 3 )
Ex. level 15 member: 1700 + ((15 × 15 × 30) ÷ 3) = 3950 favor
Ex. level 20 member: 1700 + ((20 × 20 × 30) ÷ 3) = 5700 favor

Monk's Teaching and Instruction Highlights

  • Jastev provided us with the Symbol of Courage in the fifth step. But he also gave us another Symbol which may be used even in death, the Symbol of Need.

Wehnimer's Landing Task

To complete this task you will need to touch the corroded shrine in the wrecked village.

  • From North Gate: NW, NW, NW, Go Road, W, W, NW, SW, S, SW, SE, S, S, SW (Lich ID 524)
  • Touch Shrine
  • Return to monk to receive symbol (Lich ID 18195)

Ta'Vaalor Task

This task requires the member to touch the shrine in the foothills area.

  • From Amaranth Gate: NW, NW, Go Bridge, NW, NW, N, Go Path, W, W, NE, W, W (Lich ID: 10176)
  • Touch Shrine
  • Return to monk to receive symbol (Lich ID: 25954)
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