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A fixstats potion grants the ability to reallocate all stats when drunk. It comes in the form of a hazy green potion and costs 1,000,000 bounty points at the Adventurer's Guild, or 22,500 SimuCoins. When used, it also grants the power of a fixskills potion.

Before drinking the potion, one should determine how to set his/her stats using tools such as the Character Planner. Using the INFO START command will reveal a character's existing level 0 stats to insert into the spreadsheet and one can adjust from there.

It is recommended by several players that if a character still has the annual fixskills, to use it to set all skills to zero. This is best done at an inn before drinking the fixstats potion. A fixstats may result in the loss of training points, and doing this will make the process easier.

If Lich is used, make sure to delete all aliases that are the same as stat abbreviations (e.g., STR, WIS, DIS, etc.), or enter the game to use the fixstats without Lich.

Once all preparations have been made, the character can drink the potion and check in at any local inn (e.g., Raging Thrak).

New characters have the use of 5 fixstats opportunities until reaching level 20 (no potion required).

Drinking a fixstats potion

>drink my potion
As you raise the green potion to your lips, you stop for a few seconds to ponder the consequences of drinking it.

[Drinking from the potion will allow you access to the Stat Reassignment menu in the Character Manager.  Reassigning your stats may require changes in your prior skill training selections if your net Training Points (TPs) change as a result.

It is suggested that BEFORE drinking this potion, that you should make use of any existing FIXSKILLS option that you may have to free up these points.  After drinking from the potion, your FIXSKILLS option will be reset.

If you understand this and would like the opportunity to reassign your stats, please DRINK from your potion again within the next 30 seconds.]

Roundtime: 3 sec.

>drink my potion
You take a sip from the green potion.  You suddenly feel the urge to lie down and rest.  Perhaps you should CHECK IN at the local inn?

[You have been granted 1 stat reassignment.  Please enter the Character Manager at a local inn and select the Reassign Stats menu option to proceed.]
That was the last drop.
The green potion shatters into twinkling dust.
Roundtime: 3 sec.