Forge and Hearth

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Forge and Hearth is a shop in the Sylvarraend, around Ta'Illistim, that sells tableware. It is run by a Taladorian refugee named Evenon.

[Sylvarraend] RNUM: 32598, u13051032
The mahogany planks comprising the shop walls are covered in copper-framed drawings of dense tree-covered woodland areas, the depictions varying through mediums of charcoal and paint. Between the artwork are vertical diagrams of flatware and crockery, each piece carefully detailed in flowing calligraphy, the illustrations set alongside their matching counterparts across a glass-filled display. A bare countertop of wood-framed stone sits at the back of the shop, unadorned save for an aged brass lamp.
Obvious exits: out


  Forge and Hearth Catalog
  1. a tri-pronged brass fork              7. an oiled dark teak saucer
  2. a cast bronze fork                    8. a glazed sage green clay saucer
  3. a curled leaf-shaped spoon            9. a fauna-carved dark teak plate
  4. a vine-etched bronze spoon            10. a mahogany plate
  5. a hunter green forest-etched teacup   11. a rectangular teak serving tray
  6. a feather-like pallid glass teacup    12. a long mahogany serving tray