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The flora of Elanthia is not only beautiful, but it can also provide an abundant supply of healing herbs. Occasionally, the lucky or talented adventurer may stumble across one of the following herbs out in the wilds, and if not, they are often available for purchase.

Herbs can be used by EATing or DRINKing them. Their inherent magical properties allow them to be used even on the recently dead: as long as the herb is in liquid form (potion or tincture), POUR it INTO (not ON!) the dead adventurer.

Quick Reference Table

Herbs by Geographic Location and Body Area
Body Area Empath Heals Wehnimer's Icemule Pinefar Teras Zul Logoth River's Rest
Blood Heal 10 HP acantha leaf iceberry tart acantha leaf tea Olak's Ol'style ale grey mushroom potion acantha leaf
30-60 HP yabathilium fruit sassafras tea Bloody Krolvin ale green mushroom potion
Nervous System System
minor wolifrew lichen Leaftoe's lichen tart red lichen tea Orc's Head ale thick foggy ale wolifrew lichen
major bolmara potion snowflake elixir red lichen potion Kenar's Dropjaw ale glowing mold tea bolmara potion
System Scar
minor torban leaf Ma Leaftoe's spiced torban tart valerian root tea Miner's Muddy ale dark frothing ale torban leaf
major woth flower flower-shaped tart valerian root potion Dacra's Dream ale stalagmite brew woth flower
Head & Neck Head
minor rose-marrow potion elk horn potion feverfew tea Semak's Smooth ale rusty red ale beaker of winterberry brew
major aloeas stem ram's bladder tart feverfew potion Dark Swampwater ale sticky lichen tea aloeas stem
Head Scar
minor haphip root sparrowhawk pie pennyroyal tea Agrak's Amber ale dull crimson ale haphip root
major brostheras potion polar bear fat soup pennyroyal potion Reaper's Red ale stone soot brew brostheras potion
Torso & Eyes Organ
minor basal moss tundra grass tart gingko nut tea Mama Dwarf's ale chunky black ale basal moss
major pothinir grass musk ox tart gingko nut potion Aged Schooner ale roasted ratweed tea pothinir grass
Organ Scar
minor talneo potion rock lizard potion wyrmwood root tea Gert's Homemade ale brown weedroot ale talneo potion
major wingstem potion earthworm potion wyrmwood root potion Wort's Winter ale dirty crevice brew wingstem potion
missing eye* bur-clover potion starfish potion daggit root potion Volcano Vision ale dirty rat fur potion bur-clover potion
Arms & Legs Limb
minor ambrominas leaf Dabbings Family special tart sweetfern tea Lost Dogwater ale bubbling brown ale ambrominas leaf
major ephlox moss frog's bone porridge sweetfern potion Golden Goose ale crushed cavegrass tea ephlox moss
Limb Scar
minor cactacae spine gelatinous elk fat tart manroot tea Bearded Ladies' ale spotted toadstool ale cactacae spine
major calamia fruit walrus blubber manroot potion Mad Mutt Frothy ale stalactite brew calamia fruit
missing limb* sovyn clove candied ptarmigan feather angelica root potion Captn' Pegleg's ale grainy black potion sovyn clove

*The herbs completely restore the missing body part, leaving no scar behind. The empath spells will instead heal a missing eye or limb down to a rank 2 eye or limb scar. Spells to completely heal a missing eye or limb in one cast used to be available to empaths as 819 and 820, respectively.

This table shows the herb name, the quantity of the herb when foraged, and it's weight at the maximum quantity of 50.

Body Area Heals Herb Quantity Weight
Blood 10 HP some acantha leaf 10 less than 2 pounds.
Nerves Minor Wound some wolifrew lichen 4 less than 2 pounds.
Nerves Major Wound
Nerves Minor Scar some torban leaf 3 less than 2 pounds.
Nerves Major Scar some woth flower 2 less than 2 pounds.
Head & Neck Minor Wound
Head & Neck Major Wound some aloeas stem 2 less than 2 pounds.
Head & Neck Minor Scar some haphip root 4 about 2 pounds.
Head & Neck Major Scar
Torso & Eyes Minor Wound some basal moss 4 less than 2 pounds.
Torso & Eyes Major Wound some pothinir grass 2 less than 2 pounds.
Torso & Eyes Minor Scar
Torso & Eyes Major Scar
Torso & Eyes Missing Eye
Arms & Legs Minor Wound some ambrominas leaf 4 less than 2 pounds.
Arms & Legs Major Wound some ephlox moss 4 less than 2 pounds.
Arms & Legs Minor Scar some cactacae spine 4 less than 2 pounds.
Arms & Legs Major Scar some calamia fruit 2 less than 2 pounds.
Arms & Legs Missing Limb some sovyn clove 1 less than 2 pounds.


EATing or DRINKing an herb incurs some roundtime, which can be reduced by training in First Aid at a rate of -1 second per 20 skill bonus, down to a minimum of 3 seconds.

Herb Type Roundtime First Aid bonus for minimum RT First Aid ranks for minimum RT
Hit points or rank 1 wounds 5 seconds 40 8
Rank 2 wounds 10 seconds 140 40
Rank 3 wounds, rank 1 scars 15 seconds 240 140
Rank 2 scars 25 seconds 440 340
Rank 3 scars 30 seconds 540 440

Variants of yabathilium fruit do not incur any roundtime.

For members of the Guardians of Sunfist society, Sigil of Mending temporarily reduces roundtime to 3 seconds.

Regional Herbs

Wehnimer's Landing, River's Rest & Solhaven

Surtey Akrash, famed healer of Wehnimer's Landing, has provided this brief list of the magical properties of local common herbs, exotic fruits and useful potions.

Wehnimer's Landing Potions
bolmara potion : major nervous system
brostheras potion : major head & neck scars
bur-clover potion : missing eye
rose-marrow potion : minor head & neck wounds
talneo potion : minor eye & torso scars
wingstem potion : major eye & torso scars
Wehnimer's Landing Herbs
acantha leaf Acantha is one of several herbs in a group which will heal mild concussion damage when eaten (the leaves are the most beneficial). It can be found in a wide range of climates -- from near desert conditions to moist ocean beaches.
aloeas stem The Aloeas tree, although rare, is famed for its amazing ability to heal serious and critical head and neck wounds. This is a small tree which tends to grow in colder, wet areas, such as along riverbanks. The medicinal properties are best found in the stems of its leaves.
ambrominas leaf Ambrominas bushes have leaves which are known to speed the healing of minor limb wounds. Foragers may identify this common bush by its dark green oval leaves, and are behooved to search for it in grasslands and hilly areas.
basal moss Basal moss is not uncommon, but an important component of a empath's herb inventory. Growing primarily in temperate climates, on the bark of deciduous trees, this moss will provide immediate healing of minor internal and external organ damage.
calamia fruit Calamia fruit, famed for its ability to repair serious limb scars, tends to grow in very warm, moist climates. This large fruit may be identified easily by its light red, almost pink color. Most efficacious in its dried form, the fresh fruit can also provide some benefit.
cothinar flower Cothinar flowers are usually found in colder barren areas as they thrive in the winter and do not like having competition for their nutrients. Not as easily found as Acantha, they are still eagerly sought since they are quite a bit more potent in healing concussion damage.
cactacae spine Cactacae cactus grows in desert-like conditions, and should be sought for its sharp spines. These long brown thorns, when harvested carefully and then chewed, can heal minor scarring and defects on limbs.
cuctucae berry Cuctucae berries are able to heal concussion damage, much as the leaves of the Acantha tree, but are somewhat less potent. The bushes can be found growing wild in higher elevations, and seem to thrive in cooler climates.
ephlox moss Ephlox moss, a rare fungus with potent healing abilities when used on serious and critical limb wounds, does best in a cold wet environment with ample sunlight to grow. It should be sought along stream banks or growing on tree bark.
strigae cactus The flesh of the Strigae cactus is beneficial in helping to recover from mild concussion damage, however extreme caution must be exercised while harvesting this plant, lest the damage incurred while gathering it outweigh any possible benefit. The small cacti grow abundantly in desert conditions.
haphip root The Haphip tree, which typically grows in hot, humid conditions and requires large amounts of moisture, should be sought for a small portion of its root system, which can heal and remove scar tissue around the face, head and neck. Be careful to only harvest a small amount of the root, lest the rare tree be killed.
marallis berry The Marallis plant produces berries which can help one recover from light concussion damage. The plants are most commonly found in colder hills and mountains.
pothinir grass Pothinir grass, a must for any emergency kit, is indispensable for its ability to heal serious internal and external injuries to the eyes and torso, and perhaps just as well known for its terrible taste. Although extremely difficult to find, it is however well worth the effort. The best places to look for it are hot, humid areas which get large amounts of sunlight.
sovyn clove The small dried flowers (also known as cloves) of the Sovyn bush have the miraculous ability to cause the regeneration of an entire limb! These flowers need to have been dried by the sun in order to have their restorative powers; therefore, the time at which this herb is picked is crucial.
spearmint leaf The leaves of the Spearmint plant, though occasionally bitter, provide benefit to your socialization skills when consumed. Spearmint is fairly common in temperate grassy fields, and occasionally grows wild near cultivated areas.
torban leaf The leaves of the Torban tree have been proven an effective treatment for certain minor nervous system scars and defects such as slurred speech. Found only in mild climates, the tree is not difficult to find, but special care must be exercised to harvest the leaves in the proper stage of growth, as they are otherwise useless except for tea-making.
wolifrew lichen Wolifrew lichen, a fungus known for its ability to cure minor nervous system disorders, grows in cold, dark areas. While sometimes this includes secluded outdoor areas, the lichen is much more likely to be found inside a cold, wet cave. Its yellow-brown color makes it distinguishable from other fungi.
yabathilium fruit Yabathilium, an uncommon tree which grows on beaches and saltwater coastlines, produces a small greenish fruit which, though extremely bitter, has amazing concussion restoration powers.
woth flower Woth, an exceedingly rare and beautiful flower which heals serious nervous system scars when eaten, grows most often in hot, humid, dark climates, such as a rain forest. These flowers, when in full bloom, have a blue throat surrounded by ruffled violet petals.

Icemule Trace

In the cold northern town of Icemule Trace, Leaftoe's Health and Bake Shop provides the residents with healing remedies mixed into palatable concoctions and confections. Leaftoe's remedies include soups, potions and his ever-popular tarts.

Icemule Trace Tarts
flower-shaped tart : major nerve scars
iceberry tart : minor concussion damage
Leaftoe's lichen tart : minor nerve damage
musk ox tart : major eye/torso wounds
Icemule Trace Misc. Food
Dabbings Family special : minor limb wounds
elk fat gel : minor limb scars
frog's bone porridge : major limb wounds
Ma Leaftoe's Special : minor nerve scars
polar bear fat soup : major head/neck scars
ram's bladder : major head/neck wounds
sparrowhawk pie : minor head/neck scars
walrus blubber : major limb scars
Icemule Trace Potions
earthworm potion : major eye/torso scars
elk horn potion : minor head/neck wounds
rocklizard potion : minor eye/torso scars
snowflake elixir : major nerve damage
starfish potion : missing eye
Icemule Trace Other
tundra grass The stems and roots of this remarkably hardy plant are known to heal minor eye and torso wounds.
Tundra grass.jpg
ptarmigan feathers Perhaps it's merely an old wives' tale, but at least one old wife (Ma Leaftoe) swears that chewing on ptarmigan feathers can restore missing limbs.
Ptarmigan feathers.jpg


Further north in the frozen tundra, where the Pinefar Trading Post is located, the elven herbalist, Celk Fyretryst, can be found. Celk can be observed blending his healing powders in a large mortar before adding them to various beakers of liquid, transforming them into teas and potions. So remarkable are Celk's teas and potions that they even heal the dead (discontinued).

Pinefar Teas
acantha leaf tea : minor concussion damage
feverfew tea : minor head/neck wounds
ginkgo nut tea : minor eye/torso wounds
manroot tea : minor limb scars
pennyroyal tea : minor head/neck scars
red lichen tea : minor nerve damage
sassafras tea : major concussion damage
sweetfern tea : minor limb wounds
valerian root tea : minor nerve scars
wyrmwood tea : minor eye/torso scars
Pinefar Potions
angelica root potion : missing limbs
daggit root potion : missing eye
feverfew potion : major head/neck wounds
ginkgo nut potion : major eye/torso wounds
manroot potion : major limb scars
pennyroyal potion : major head/neck scars
red lichen potion : major nerve damage
sweetfern potion : major limb wounds
valerian root potion : major nerve scars
wyrmwood potion : major eye/torso scars

Teras Isle

On Teras Isle the dwarves are rumored to drink nothing but ale -- and so it is not surprising that they have found a way to grind healing herbs and blend them with hops and barley to produce a full range of healing ales. In addition to the healing ales, those in need will also find ales to remove disfiguring scars. Ales can be purchased from Agarnil Kriss by the flagon or the barrel. Much like the teas and potions of Celk Fyretryst, Agarnil Kriss' ales will heal wounds on the dead.

Teras Isle Ales
Aged Schooner ale : major eye/torso wounds
Agrak's Amber ale : minor head/neck scars
Bearded Ladies ale : minor limb scars
Bloody Krolvin ale : major concussion damage
Captn. Pegleg's ale : missing limbs
Dark Swampwater ale : major head/neck wounds
Dacra's Dream ale : major nerve scars
Gert's Homemade ale : minor eye/torso scars
Golden Goose ale : major limb wounds
Kenar's Dropjaw ale : major nerve damage
Lost Dogwater ale : minor limb wounds
Mad Mutt Frothy ale : major limb scars
Mama Dwarf's ale : minor eye/torso wounds
Miner's Muddy ale : minor nerve scars
Olak's Ol'style ale : minor concussion damage
Orc's Head ale : minor nerve damage
Reaper's Red ale : major head/neck scars
Semak's Smooth ale : minor head/neck wounds
Volcano Vision ale : missing eye
Wort's Winter ale : major eye/torso scars

Zul Logoth

In the Chalcedony Tunnel of Zul Logoth is the brother Barnstel, a young dwarf who brews his ales and potions for his customer’s pains. All remedies can be used on the living and the dead, which comes in handy to the residents and visitors of Zul Logoth.

Zul Logoth Brews
Black trafel mushroom.jpg
Blackhook mushroom.jpg
Blue trafel mushroom.jpg
Grey Mushroom Ale : minor concussion damage
Green Mushroom Potion : major concussion damage
Rusty Red Ale : minor head/neck wounds
Sticky Lichen Ale : major head/neck wounds
Dull Crimson Ale : minor head/neck scars
Stone Soot Brew : major head/neck scars
Chunky Black Ale : minor eye/torso wounds
Roasted Ratweed Ale : major eye/torso wounds
Brown Weedroot Ale : minor eye/torso scars
Dirty Crevice Brew : major eye/torso scars
Dirty Rat Fur Potion : missing eye
Bubbling Brown Ale : minor limb wounds
Crushed Cavegrass Tea : major limb wounds
Spotted Toadstool Ale : minor limb scar
Stalactite Brew : major limb scar
Grainy Black Potion : missing limb
Thick Foggy Ale : minor nerve damage
Glowing Mold Tea : major nerve damage
Dark Frothing Ale : minor nerve scar
Stalagmite Brew : major nerve scar
Milky White Potion : Lifekeep

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