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Fourth, also known as Kritael, was a Half-Krolvin Bard and a leader of Dush gno Krol.

Fourth was the name that Kritael opted to be known as by races other than his own. Born as a product of a Krolvin father and a human mother, Kritael was raised to be proud of his Krolvin heritage and opted for a cultural outlook similar to the seafaring race's. Through childhood, his mother had tried to turn him against his father, as theirs was a forced partnership. However, Kritael ended up killing his mother instead and setting off to seek the strength to equal his Krolvin forbears.

Kritael first arrived in River's Rest, as one of the first Half-Krolvin to venture into the main population centers of Elanthia. As a result, he underwent persecution for his heritage and appearance, in part due to animosity created by a Krolvin occupation of the town a year earlier by Sankir the Bloodfist. Eventually, he traveled to Solhaven, where he met with other Half-Krolvins and established Dush gno Krol, and has remained there ever since.

Kritael's Appearance

You see Fourth the Skald.
He appears to be a Half-Krolvin.
He appears to be young and shorter than average.  He has large silver-blue eyes and ashen skin.  He has raggedly-cut, unkempt blue-black hair peppered with streaks of white, growing in ragged patches down to the base of his neck.  He has a gaunt face, a prominent nose and a sloping forehead.
He has minor cuts and bruises on his abdominal area.
He has a scar across his neck, old battle scars on his right arm, old battle scars on his left arm, old battle scars on his right leg, old battle scars on his right hand, old battle scars on his left hand, an old battle scar across his chest, an old battle scar across his abdominal area, an old battle scar across his back, and a scar across his face.
He is holding an old kakore Krolvin lute his right hand.
He is wearing a faded and patched leather hat, a half blue and half white oval stickpin, a stained felwood lute case, a rope-bound dirty sailcloth backpack, a Krolvin seafaring cloak, a suit of krolvin raiding armor, a jute-knotted sailor's bracelet, some supple seafarer's gloves, a water-stained brown leather belt, a ragged maroon sash, a salt-stained leather plunder bag, some patched eel-skin pants, a pair of woven linen leg wrappings, and some discolored dark leather boots.

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