A Tale of Salvation

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Shaemire was one of the first explorers of Caligos Isle and upon arrival, he was struck by the stark beauty of the species that had come to call this place home. After several weeks of exploration, careful consideration, and inner searching, he went into the jungle and managed to befriend a Caligos eagle. He named her Zeeva.

In the months before Caligos started, Shaemire started to notice that the mists of the island were always searching, always touching, and always hungry. He also noticed that as the days, weeks, months passed that the mist was transforming the island and its creatures. The plants were beginning to decay and rot from the constant attention of the mists. It was against the natural order and that bothered him.

He also noticed that those who had been “touched” by the hand of Ghezresh seemed to fall into some kind of fugue state, mumbling and mutter about Salvation while withering and allowing themselves to be fed upon.

Refusing to leave the island, he opted to defy these attacks on the natural order of things and as such garnered Imaera’s protections.

He started out with simple things, like hiding away a bowl in the bowels of Caligos’ cave system for those that might be tempted to eat an eel egg.

Then, he moved on to blessing amulets that would allow those that poisoned by the mist to be cleansed. He even listened to the visions of a soft, disembodied voice that guided him to a trail. A trail that would eventually lead to protections against the mists for those that stayed within them.

Last year, when it became evident that the flora and fauna were on the brink of extinction due to the constant hunger and destructive powers of the mists that wreathed Caligos Isle, he sought the aid of adventurers to cleanse the land. The success of that emboldened him and reminded him that there was good in people. Reminded him that, while rot and decay can be a necessary part of nature, they must be done naturally and not taken to sate the hunger of a greedy dominator.

As the jungles flourished under the wards of Imaera, Shaemire began to hear the whispers of the soft, disembodied voice once more. “Charl is coming,” she whispered in his ear. “And is going to wash it all away.”

What had the animals done to deserve this? He knew that people could save themselves if they desired. He knew that Omiko would make sure to get her people to safety. And so, he plotted a way to save those that didn’t have the means to save themselves.

Quest: A Tale of Salvation

Shaemire has had a very busy year. He has asked for the help of a few others and over the course of the past twelve months has built an ark. Docked in a hidden cove on the northwest side of the island, and at the edge of a purified jungle, Shaemire has begun to make space for the animals of Caligos.

Building an ark with a skeleton crew has left him with little time to collect those that he would rescue though. And that is where he will need help.

The Quest, A Tale of Salvation, begins on October 8th, 2021 at 9pm.

Visit with the Warden Shaemire and his faithful lion-maned shaggy Caligos eagle on a dock on the northwestern jungles.

Bring him your ghezyte-veined sea glass bauble and he will charge you with helping him gather the animals that roam the jungle.

Bring them back to him so that he can fill the ark and bring them to safety before the portended hour is upon the island.

Be sure to ANALYZE and LOOK at everything as you undertake his quest.

And help him to rescue the fauna of Caligos from their doomed Fate.