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Ghezyte chelioboros bracelets were first introduced as the quest reward at Ebon Gate 2017, the first year at Caligos Isle. It is a self-charging item that has different abilities based on whether one has completed the yearly quest and/or converted to the deity Ghezresh. Each year allows for the item to upgrade as long as the appropriate amount of favor is earned. The first year being 1000 followed by 2000 for the second year. Favor is garnered by doing the various Caligos Isle yearly quest(s). Currently the primary way of doing this is by collecting items that drop mostly from Deep Sea Diving. There is a cost of 250,000 silver to purchase the bracelet from the chest when available on Caligos Isle. For the years 2017 and 2018, the chest was placed at room #65 on the map or Lich room #26556. Once purchased, the bracelet is attuned to the character that picked it up.

The item can be rotated between four various worn locations via the PROD verb. Those four locations include wrist(bracelet), finger(ring), neck(choker), and ankle(anklet).


You analyze your chelioboros bracelet and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
This chelioboros bracelet is from Ebon Gate 5117, Caligos Isle, and was a quest participation item.  While its exact function is shrouded in mystery, you sense that it is a progressive item and that its benefits will increase during subsequent quests on Caligos Isle.

This item cannot be altered in any way.

MECHANICAL USAGE (if eligible): POINT <target>, COVER

Each year, at the end of the festival, mechanical usage (POINT and COVER [if applicable]) will be updated to your current year's quest participation.

To change the item's worn location: PROD

You get no sense of whether or not the bracelet may be further lightened.

Item Details

Minimum 1000 total favor for Year 1 benefits (Tier 2 and 3)
Minimum 2000 total favor for Year 2 benefits (Tier 2 and 3)

Tier 1: Zesty, with 2 additional verbs for 2018

Tier 2: Debuff
Year 1: -5 DS, -3 TD; 3x/day
Year 2: -10 DS, -6 TD; 4x/day

Tier 3: Fear resistance
Year 1: +1 phantom level fear resistance, 1x/day
Year 2: +2 phantom levels fear resistance, 2x/day

Note that in order to access the Tier 3 benefit, you must be converted to Ghezresh AND you must have participated to the full extent in that year's quest.