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March 2023 · April 2023 · Full List
  • March 26, 2023

Automated Auction

a thin vaalin chain suspending an intricate gold lavaliere Fluff: Tier 4 Auto-Perfumer 60,000,000
an ensigiled leather coat-of-plates Armor: Tier 5 Mana Armor 90,100,200
a battered lor case edged with a tattered black ribbon Weapon: two scabbards and two swords inside
a krodera-edged golvern badelaire (falchion) - The Fascination
a slender low steel kaskara (longsword) - The Horror
some slouchy charcoal suede boots stitched with gold wings Travel Footwear 300,000,000
an effervescent absinthe green tincture Boost Potion: +2000 Enchanting 40,000,000
a sigil-carved glowbark runestaff crowned with a faceted white quartz crystal Spellup Runestaff 24,000,000
an articulated eonake appendage Fully Unlocked Eonak Arm 250,000,000
a glistening ebony glass bottle with a spiraled crimson horn stopper Fluff: Permanent Doomicorn Perfume 10,000,000
a silver and emerald acantha leaf Spellbook +5 Empath Spell Circle 165,000,000
a dark plum-hued leather tome with gilded edging Herblore Tome - Cysaegir 120,000,000
a prismatic puppy-shaped paper Fluff: Custom WerePuppy 160,000,000
a fleece-lined elk-hide overcoat Exposure Cloak 20,000,000
an aged jewel-inlaid tome Tier 5 Thaumaturge Tome 650,000,000
some deep blue high steel full plate gilded with vaalin Armor: Tier 4 High Steel Elven Armor 120,000,000
a wide-bladed grey high steel warsword with a scarlet despanal pommel Weapon: 10x High Steel 15 CER Critical 100,000,000
a storm surita staff twined around a turquoise arathiel orb Weapon: 6x Greater Surita Sigil Staff w/ SK 1408 500,000,000
a rune-carved gold and copper clasp Spellbook +5 Wizard Spell Circle 138,000,000
a burlap pouch Lovable Lizard and Cricket Box 45,000,000
a squat ruby and gold teapot Instant Tea - Vaalorian 60,000,000
an effervescent purple philter Boost Potion: +2000 Ensorcell 88,000,000
a carved onyx and silver pentagram Spellbook +5 Sorcerer Spell Circle 99,750,001
a mosaic-painted yellow property voucher Nereid's Cradle Bungalow 120,000,000
a ripped talisman picture Custom Familiar w/ SK 920 360,000,000
a copper-geared nail press Fluff: Custom Nail Press 144,000,000
some darkened polychromatic moonsnail shell armor Armor: Shell Armor 126,000,000
an ekata staff entwined in ruby-gilled ghostlight mushrooms Weapon: Spore Staff 79,000,000
a trident-painted cobalt blue property voucher Nereid's Cradle Bungalow 105,000,000
a gilded gold musical note brooch Spellbook +5 Bard Spell Circle 75,000,000
a rune-etched white eonake censer suspended by three mithril chains Chrism Censer 205,000,000
an ensigiled silk robe Armor: Tier 5 Mana Armor 190,000,000
an ancient yellowed tome 1x/day 1750 + Scripted 60,000,000
an interwoven aranthium chain wand harness inscribed with runes in drakar Unlimited 906 Wandolier 100,000,000
a twining faenor ivy vine charm Spellbook +5 Ranger Spell Circle 105,000,000
a golden mithril anvil trinket 1x/week Gift of Eonak 50,000,000
a vaalin-inlaid faenor moon axe with a carved zydris haft Weapon: 10x 10 CER Critical Insect Bane 75,000,000
a briar-etched widowwood case inlaid with amethyst n'erenael blooms Weapon: Briar Set w/ +21 Tier 3 Briar Claidhmore 235,000,000
some leathery monster flesh MonstrFlesh +5 DS 60,000,000
a pearlescent web-worked bracer Spider Bracer 350,000,000
a gold-flecked translucent artifact Suffusion Stone 255,000,000
a glossy bronze property voucher Private Property - Hidden Haven 200,000,000
a slender dark ironwood scabbard inlaid with grey shadowglass runes Weapon: a thin-bladed silvery rolaren katana - 4x Blink weapon 444,000,000
a shark-painted bright green property voucher Nereid's Cradle Bungalow 100,000,000
a tall ruby and gold kettle Instant Tea - Vaalorian 70,000,000
a cylindrical wyrmscale herb kit Fully Unlocked Survivalist's Kit Enhancive: +20 Survival Bonus 95,000,000
some ensigiled full plate Armor: Tier 5 Mana Armor 134,000,000
a front-knotted pale blue tulle gown traced in bare alabaster-threaded branches Fluff: Icy Gown 88,888,888
a fluted veniom wand enveloped in a swirling white wind 20x/day 518 39,250,000
a dense ensigiled chain haubergeon Armor: Tier 5 Mana Armor 53,926,000
a vine-etched red property voucher Nereid's Cradle Bungalow 100,000,000
- - Total
- - 7,056,920,089

Rescheduled Item List:

  • The following items were not auctioned off after the auction system broke.
a jagged obsidian backslasher Weapon: 200,000,000
a white-feathered grey silk cloak Container: 200,000,000
a split-sleeved gown of lapis silk braced in a cincher of ivory-carved snow drops Fluff: Icy Gown 225,000,000
a high-collared nacre velvet gown enveloped in a mantle of pale mink Fluff: Icy Gown 510,000,000
a tiny tag-affixed key Fluff: Temporary Home Semi-Custom 160,000,000
a spherical milky white eyeball caught in a lattice of thin chains Fluff: Custom Illusion 130,000,000
a floor-length jet black cloth-of-veniom duster with a voluminous silver-edged hood Container: 220,000,000
a cracked faewood amulet Amulet of the Arkati (lesser) 318,000,000
an enruned white ora scarab Enhancive: Regen Bug 450,000,000
a glaes-hilted dark ghezyte claidhmore with scintillating chromatic edges Weapon: 250,000,000
a burnished golvern still affixed with a drakar plate Fluff: Alcohol Still Auction Quality
Requires no fire and includes Stunning effect (plus other effects)
an annular medallion of blue-tinted lacewood Familiar talisman - T4 Custom
Enhancive, unique ambients
a water-beaded cerulean pit viper
a burled mesquite disc set with a spiral of picture jasper Familiar talisman - T4 Custom
Earth-themed sand rat
an odd-looking plant Fluff: 95,000,000
a white and green jade teapot Fluff: Instant Tea - Erithian 63,000,000
a salt-stained driftwood brown tome with a stylized kraken on its cover Herblore Tome of Elanthia - Kraken's Fall 76,000,000
a mottled grey leather tome stamped with a stylized mushroom Herblore Tome of Elanthia - Zul Logoth and Kharag 'doth Dzulthu 110,000,000
a sand-worn pale leather tome emblazoned with a stylized sun Herblore Tome of Elanthia - Sea of Fire 79,000,123
a dark blue leather tome bordered with stylized arctic brambles Herblore Tome of Elanthia - Hinterwilds 130,000,000
a rectangular cedar and maple humidor with a goldern vaalin lockplate Fluff: Unlimited cigar humidor
a silver-banded thick brown cigar
an intricately etched lintilia wand inlaid with anemone coral xan'ayra OSA: Signal Wand Tier 4 74,000,000
a grey-spotted narwhal hide tricorn edged with scrimshaw OSA: Ghost Captain Hat
Summons a contingent of ethereal folks to repair your ship, 12x/day
a strand of polished copper prayerbeads Spellbook +5 Cleric Spell Circle 100,000,000
a polished steel shield stickpin Spellbook +5 Paladin Spell Circle 75,000,000
an ebon burnt velvet cloak patterned with sheer runic shapes Fluff: Dramatic Drapery Tier 5 220,000,000
an effervescent white elixir Boost Potion: 2000 Sanctification 466,000,000
a sky blue crystal globe charm Fluff: Weather charm 100,000,000
a horseshoe-embossed blue property voucher Nereid's Cradle Bungalow 140,000,000
a shell-painted red property voucher Nereid's Cradle Bungalow 135,000,000
a tightly woven leather harness Gnomish Recon Corps Harness
2/100 front-worn T4 pirate harness-equivalent
Allows 2s flight (height-matching) with 5s cooldown
NOT an unlock for pirate harnesses, just parallel fluff
a temporal warblade Weapon: One Hundred Seconds
Enchant from +1 to +100 and flares determined by timestamp when CLENCHED
some sinewy monster flesh MonstrFlesh +5 AS 200,000,000
a tiny silver cat's bell tied to a red ribbon Fluff: Tintinibar
Heals the user based on movement, cat-themed fluff
a glowing urnon pie box painted with prancing roltons Fluff: Pie Box
1x/hour remote pie-to-the-face
Generates pies or allows pre-loading
- - Total
- - 6,409,000,123